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7.25” / 18.42 cm Wrist
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Quickest watch comment ever!

This Yema Wristmaster Adventurer arrived secondhand today, and an hour after putting it on, my physiotherapist said: "I really like your watch." He we...

Dive watches in or near water - no desks (unless submerged)...

Mine spend almost all their time dry, but occasionally...

Add your SOTC shot for the start of 2023, compare in a year...

Leave a single shot of your SOTC as it stands, with a note or two about what your expectations are for the year ahead. I love looking at people's coll...

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Calumets commented on Now A Yema & Laco Christmas Giveaway. ·

That's a brilliant giveaway and I'd love it in my collection. Thank you for the opportunity. 🙏

Calumets commented on Which one would you choose ? ·

I like the Baltic design language, not the CW.

Calumets commented on What an incredible experience!!! ·

The watch is a beauty and the canapés look nice too. I might have ruined the experience by asking for a doggy bag to take the leftovers home... 😂

Calumets commented on Your unintentional box collection ·

Nice. I've always been interested in this brand, particularly the Avenue tank. Your Offroad looks great - it's pretty unique!

Calumets commented on Your unintentional box collection ·

What Xemex do you have?

Calumets commented on Modern Vintage Divers...are we about to peak?! ·

That's a beauty! Love the small seconds.

Calumets commented on Modern Vintage Divers...are we about to peak?! ·

Mercedes and cathedral hands are very similar - I can't abide either! I do like the Oris big crown pointer though, apart from the hands... 🤣

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Is this serious? Chrono pusher popping out...

Fellow crunchers, can anyone advise? One of the pushers on my Junghans max bill Chronoscope appears to be popping out of the case. Does this look seri...

Vintage enamel dial repair?

On holiday, I found a beautiful vintage Ordiam with, I think, a blue enamel dial. The enamel has a few spots of damage around the 1 indices and the da...

39mm Tudor Pelagos

Yikes! Tudor just dropped a 39mm titanium Pelagos with T-fit clasp bracelet at 11.8mm thick with complimentary rubber strap: I'm sweating! I may final...

The original patent (found on Twitter)...

Inventor of the clock: "There will be 12 numbers on it." Friend: "So the day will be divided into 12 segments?" Inventor: "No, 24." Friend: "So will t...

Watch rotation methods

Almost got my rotation sorted, just need scissors and glue... How do you do it?

Supportive spouse?

The wife can't believe I'm taking another watch photo... To be fair, she's very supportive and even learns the names of my watches. So, for example, s...