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Hampshire, England, UK
7.50” / 19.05 cm Wrist
Toolmaker, machinist, quality controller, quality manager, quality controller. Retired, 😁😊👍
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This arrived today, or yesterday?

Tiny box left by the postman next to the steps leading up to my house. Had very heavy rain last night☔ With some trepidation I opened the soft, damp...

Charles Dickens pocket watch at auction

An estimate of between £2,000 to £4,000. Be interesting to see the result, I think it will go for a lot more.

Ladies watches, I.e. Teeny weeny watches

Bought two of these without realising they were woman's watches! In my defence your honour, I had consumed alcohol at the time, and bought several wat...

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commented on #NWA - 1950's Roamer Supershock ·
commented on #NWA - 1950's Roamer Supershock ·

Yes, it's tiny😂

Crown needs a tug to get it out far enough to adjust the time.

No idea about the movement unfortunately.

All I think I know😂

The crown will just pull out, without having to open the case.

The movent is pushed out of the back of the case.

I watched Kalle Slappes Youtube channel "Chronoglide" he took a roamer apart, with a brevette case.

commented on This arrived today, or yesterday? ·

Watch came with an expanding bracelet, put it through the ultrasonic cleaning tank.

Anyone buying a second hand watch with a metal bracelet needs to do this. So much muck came out of it.

commented on #NWA - 1950's Roamer Supershock ·

Here's mine, arrived today. No idea of its age, seeing yours, guess they're the same age?

commented on Ladies watches, I.e. Teeny weeny watches ·

Ooh, that isn't a good feedback😱

commented on Ladies watches, I.e. Teeny weeny watches ·
commented on The horrors of magnetism 🧲⚡️… do you care? ·

I meant that the maximum extent of the magnetic field that I've found is 12".

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The crypt, Winchester Cathedral. Guilt trip, just added watch photo 😜

The crypt floods in wet winters. To be the only person in this place is a magical experience. I dropped a stone in the water and watched the ripples f...

Elliot bracket clock

Picked this up last week from the shop, after it's 5 month stay😱 Rudely awoken at 5am by its loud chimes. The clock is designed to stop chiming betwe...

That was a close call😱

Wearing my recent acquisition for the last few days, took it off last night. Ooh, the strap was about to fall apart. I would have been so annoyed if I...

What watch would TRex have worn?

Sat here watching Netflix, "Life on our Planet", whilst trawling through Watchcruch. Should add that this also involves drinking whisky😁 I pondered w...

Wheels and Watches

My first ever watch meet. Enjoyed myself. Thank you Hamish and the team

Luch single hand watch

Following on from my thread about the usefulness of the second hand. How about living without a minute hand? I'll sit back and fan the flames. 😁