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Zero Rolex inventory in Vegas

This isn’t news by any means. But since I am in Las Vegas this week for a conference for work I figured, why not try and see if I can find anything. I...

Annual Holiday Traditions?

Not that anyone in the family cared, but I nominated myself the official timekeeper of the annual holiday jigsaw puzzle. Every year when we visit fami...

NWA - I need to stop attending watch fairs/events.

Made it to the Time Out Watch Fair today at Little Treasury Jewelers in MD. They had one of the Coulson limited edition carbon fiber watches. I was un...

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BigIona commented on Best European GADA under 2000 euro? ·

Configure a Laco. You can get it in 37mm with all of what you asked for above. And it will be under your budget. Here is one I got last year and I adore it.

BigIona commented on Left, middle or right? ·

Yes. But mostly the left (bronze).

BigIona commented on Zero Rolex inventory in Vegas ·

In an area similar to where I live (not a tourist city) that totally makes sense. But I’d heard rumors that because the Vegas strip serves non-locals as their primary demographic that the chances would be higher if walking in and finding one. Maybe it’s true and I just had bad timing, or maybe it’s not true. Seems impossible to know the truth as a consumer.

BigIona commented on Zero Rolex inventory in Vegas ·

It’s pretty crazy. I just want to see one.

BigIona commented on Zero Rolex inventory in Vegas ·

Don’t disagree. Just saying on a trip like this in a city designed for the luxury shopping experience it’s a sad experience to hit 4 stores and have nothing available.

BigIona commented on Why do I torture myself? ·

I can attest to how amazing the Ranger is. I think it’s the best wearing Tudor they have right now. I’ve had mine for over a year and it gets the most wrist time out of all the watches in my collection. And it’s insanely accurate.

BigIona commented on New pickup arrived!! Norqain Freedom 60 GMT ·

I know, I was so close to getting this one. I tried it on like 4 times. But the red dial on this Oris was too good, and I’d been wanting a carbon fiber/titanium watch for a while now.


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SBGA407 out of stock everywhere

I happened to be on Chrono24 today and noticed that the SBGA407 Skyflake (mine is pictured) stock was pretty low, only 9 preowned available. And the p...

Aqua Terra running at +/- 0 seconds post service.

I posted a few months back about how my 9 month old Aqua Terra was having issues so I sent it in for service. For the first 8.5 months I owned this ne...

39mm Tudor Ranger Review

I purchased the new Ranger on July 15th of 2022, exactly one week after it launched. I’ve never made such and impulse purchase but something about the...

Tudor Ranger

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My Aqua Terra got magnetized.

I purchased a brand new Omega Aqua Terra in September of 2022. I love it and wear it a lot. One of the main reasons I got it is for all of the specs....

JLC hikes prices by nearly 40% in two years

I recently sold my JLC Reverso Duoface. I have always adored the watch, its design, and JLC as a watchmaker. I owned it for 2 years but barely ever wo...

Explorer style GS ❤️

Recently came across this photo of the SBGA371 on social media and immediately got all of the feels. Apparently it was the 2018 limited release of 500...