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Vintage Seiko: 1978 Seiko “Scubapro 450” Turtle (6306-7001)

Most Scubapro 450s were made in 1978 or 1979 (with text code “Japan 6306 -700J T” at the bottom of the dial). Other than the dial (and Scubapro strap...

What is your watch that fits LEAST into Watches and Wonders week?

Lots of pretty watches being released today; I submit my 1976 Seiko Grandfather Tuna (6159-7010). A great watch that is totally its own thing. No wann...

You have so many watches and that is your only mechanical chronograph?

I am generally a dive watch guy, specifically a vintage dive watch guy. This Seiko 6138-0049 “Bullhead” from 1974 is me getting out of my lane. Why do...

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commented on Pondering Paneri ·

Am actually a fan of Panerai (have the 42mm Bronzo). Would suggest you add that to your list of ones to consider. The Panerai Bronzo (47mm) really started the whole bronze watch phenomenon. But who can wear it. The 42mm on the other hand is just right.

commented on Life’s full of hard decisions🥶 ·

Boom! Congrats on a fine looking piece.

commented on gatorcris's WRUW ·

Fifty fathoms vibes to it

commented on Vintage Rolex versus Tudor Sub ·

Both are just awesome (don’t think we need to declare a winner here). I would like to add an MN issued snowflake at some point. I have a 1990 16610 Submariner (I purchased new for $1200 thru the PX) and a 1665 Sea Dweller from 1979. But like I said - really appreciate the 70s Tudor snowflakes as well.

commented on Life’s full of hard decisions🥶 ·

If you have a few watches already, definitely the IWC. Looks amazing and I think is nice to have some color in the collection. The BB is a great watch (especially if you are a 1-3 watch person), but if you have a few it probably looks like something you already have.

commented on Recommendations for an "Adventure Watch" ·

Lower price point that you may be looking at (about 2k), the Muhle Glashütte SAR rescue time is the most rugged watch I own.

commented on Recommendations for an "Adventure Watch" ·

Love the Emergency and the OG Explorer 2. I have tried the emergency on, it doesn’t fit that awesome with all the space needed for the antenna (but super cool, and if you need it, you need it). I did pick up the new Aerospace B70.


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Vintage Seiko: 1976 “Willard” 6105-8110

Much less clean than my 6105-8000 posted yesterday. The bezel has alot more wear and is bluing (which I don’t mind), plus it has definitely been re-lu...

Vintage Seiko: 1970 6105-8000 aka “Slim Willard”

Actually the precursor to the 6105-8110 “Captain Willard”. The 6105 dial design language is completely established here in a slimmer case format.

Vintage Seiko: 1968 Professional Diver (6159-7000)

So far ahead of its time. A monobloc case good to 300m (probably a fair bit more, but while bother testing that in 1968). A 5Hz (36,000vph) high-beat...

Vintage Seiko: 1966 62MAS (6217-8001)

The thing that always gets me on this watch is how sharp (like gonna cut you sharp) the indices are. Only 10 months younger than I am and it still run...

Wife hasn’t worn these in years

Finally she is good with me getting them running again.

1960s Blancpain Mil-Spec Fifty Fathoms

In honor of Blancpain's new 42mm Fifty Fathoms launch today. Wish they went more with this case shape / design, but with shorter lugs to enhance weara...