Good morning To all of you crunchers out there. Im wearing the newest addition to the collection. Tudors newest 41mm Black Bay ..A simple black diver....

How did Brent Miller jewelers get the new monochrome so fast?!?!
[BB GMT] Even after this years release of BB58 GMT, this is still my favourite Tudor GMT watch!
Train, coffee and BB36.
Black Bay Pro on leather is a great option! It is surprising how versatile this watch has turned out to be.
Someone just posted about the black bay 41mm being too large. My advice: try it on. I was surprised to find that it fit my 6.5 inch wrist perfectly!

Caffeine Free

Some have tried polls, but there is only one answer. Caffeine Free (or Caffeine Free Zero). Tudor is a sub brand of Rolex, not a cheapo other brand (n...

Wow wow wow

Tudor has once again dazzled with their latest releases, showcasing their commitment to community-centric design. Both watches emerge as captivating o...

Graduation Gift from Mom <3 - Black Bay 54

I’ve wanted this watch since it came out, and its surreal to actually have it be mine. This watch will stay with me forever