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Nomos Advent Calendar Giveaway

Just FYI, the annual Nomos Advent Calendar Giveaway started a couple of days ago. As with previous years Nomos are giving away all kinds of different...

I can't believe I've bought this.....

The above watch goes against every snobbish watch principle I ever grew up with. It's way too contemporary, some would say futuristic. It has none of...

Yema/Laco Winners

Please can both samcrow & tempus message me, apparently you cannot send messages to more than 15 people in a day & I've reached my limit. Than...

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tiffer commented on Rolex Prices too high? ·

If AI puts us all out of work in the coming years, will anyone be wearing Rolex other than the crazy rich? I have no idea what'll happen over the next 20 years but my gut says that the world is going to change beyond all recognition to what it is now. That's assuming we survive. A lot of the younger people I work alongside think humanity will destroy itself before they hit their 50s. Cheerful b*ggers.😀

tiffer commented on Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Summer Blue ·


tiffer commented on Rolex Prices too high? ·

You shouldn't but if the market dictates that's the price then unfortunately that's the price. You have to bear in mind that there's a lot of sellers that have paid over the odds for the watch they have or are stubbornly holding out to maintain their healthy profit margins.

The sellers are starting to lose their nerve & are breaking ranks reducing their prices incrementally. If enough of them do it then you have to imagine they'll all have to & the prices will fall further.

tiffer commented on BB58 vs Zulu39 ·

Ah well that's an entirely different doubt altogether. Fill your boots on it then, you can argue with yourself as to whether you wear it or not later 😀

tiffer commented on Omega Seamaster professional 300m, which one looks better? ·

Totally agree on the bracelet which I really dislike. The watch looks great on a Staib Mesh bracelet instead although I mostly wear mine with a rubber strap.

tiffer commented on BB58 vs Zulu39 ·

The fact that you're asking the question indicates the doubt in your mind. If there's doubt, don't splash out thousands of pounds as you'll more likely than not regret doing so at a later point.

tiffer commented on Rolex Prices too high? ·

Rolex, if it wasn't already, certainly now appears to be a Veblen good, i.e. A product whose demand increases as the price increases due to it's exclusive nature & appeal as a status symbol.

The recent fallback on their peak prices was inevitable as the huge increases in prices over a short period of time were brought about by extremely unusual circumstances. The price that they are at now may well drop a bit further but once they've stabilised, they'll start appreciating at the more normal historical rates that we've seen over the years.

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