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Ready to tie the knot 馃懓?

I really think she is the ONE!! True, we have had our ups and downs. I wasn't her first, but that's not important to me. We had some issues a while ag...
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What are we doing here?

I probably started with watches as part of my journey to acquire some basic tools, skills and habits that would (hopefully) make me a more reliable pe...
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Exit plan: Edition B 馃ぁ

Yesyes, bring on the naysay... I might as mentioned been a tad too quick on the trigger gathering my end all be all collection. So here is what's goin...
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Back from "repairs", but it's not the same...

What happened to us? Two weeks apart and I just don't feel the same... Was our relationship just built on fleeting emotions? Maybe it's that I've worn...
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On-The-Fly adjustable clasps?

Anybody got any good sources for these kinds of rachet-/slide-/quick adjust clasps? I'm aware of those at Strapcode and Long Island Watches, and I wou...
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Trouble in Paradise 馃尨

Help? My BB36 is acting up 馃槱 The last times I've set it it has been on and off with the hacking. Meaning that sometimes the second hand keeps sweeping...
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That happened fast 馃悊

I don't expect people to pay attention to my posts, let alone remember any of my shifting options and wants. I have been looking for a Exit-Watch or a...
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Well 馃挬....

My one year old son dropped my other Baby (the Alpinist that is). And now it's broken 馃槶 Getting a watchmaker to fix it would cost me 400-500$. That's...
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It's been 3 days since my last confession

It's been half a week since I got my new baby and I have some observations. First of, I still love it 馃挋 I have noticed that there is one very small ha...
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Watches On Walks 1

I do a lot of hiking and I take a lot of photos of my watches while walking... Today, I did a 9 mile circular walk in West Sussex, England wearing my...
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