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Time lapse video to share

I made an 18 second time lapse video of my watch that I find hypnotizing. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C30ZSnEL3Su/?igsh=OWZrNWtzazg1dHMw

Anyone Own an Ultra-Thin Watch?

The modern trend is for big chunky watches. I like to have one watch I can slip under the cuff of a dress shirt. This is my wedding watch from 1986. I...

iPhone 15 Pro Macro

I put my Sony a7iii mirrorless camera with 50mm lens and macro tube extenders up against my iPhone. I was never into macro photography, so I don’t hav...

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commented on Fernando163's WRUW ·

I bought one last May. I guess I was lucky!

commented on TwiceTollingClock's WRUW ·

An Invicta that looks mainstream! Nice

commented on watchAWR's WRUW ·

Snowflake hand! Of all things to copy from Tudor? Nice watch though

commented on TimeIsOnMySide's WRUW ·

Gif. It was a time lapse video that I converted with an adobe tool (free)

commented on Rolex Sub Watercolor Painting ·


commented on Watch reviewers/watch dealers- should they? Is it any of our business? Or as fans we ought to seek the more “ethical” reviews? ·

Owner reviews are biased also. Notice all the 5/5 marks?

commented on Game: pick one watch that most represents each brand ·

Hamilton? Anyone? Murph? Khaki?

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Come Back, Tuesday Bites

I used to look forward to the weekly summary of everything WatchCrunch in the Tuesday Bites. Any chance we can revive that? Pretty please? Thank you.

Whiskey Lovers, Should I Open This?

Look what I found in my basement all covered in dust! This was a leftover bottle from my sister’s wedding, tax stickers still intact. Bottled in 1980....

I Think I Died and went to Heaven

Oh boy, did I have fun today! It was very reckless of me, though. Kind of like someone on a diet going multiple bakeries. Just when I promised myself...

Should I Wear my Father’s Masonic Ring

I’m not a Mason, but my father was. I remember him wearing this ring every day. The attachment many guys have to their father’s watch, I have to this ring. In fact, I can’t remember him wearing one pa...
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Collage 8: Zodiac Olympos “mystery dial” circa 1960s

Sony a7iii camera. Large soft box for light.

NWA: Just arrived in the mail

Thank you @Edge168n for the beautiful vintage gold Zodiac Olympos mystery dial from the 1960s. I can’t wait to wear it with a suit!