There was a pop up Tudor store at the local mall today. Not sure which I would choose. What would you pick?
It’s the weekend! Enjoy!
Pelagos on jubilee bracelet is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
San Martin SN0121G black dial. Really does look slick. Makes me want to get myself a Pelagos.

Left hand crown for a right-handed?

I’m new to Watch Crunch and new to collecting, but I’m hooked. I’ve kicked off my collection with the versatile Explorer 114270 and am thinking a dive...
There’s something y’all need to know about me crunchers… I LOVE BLUE!!! Without doubt this is the watch that finally is the most “me” or my collection...
The Pelagos 42. A diver like no other. Have an excellent Tuesday 🫡

Tudor Pelagos FXD 42 Titanium Black

Hello Watch Friends! Today is a NEW WATCH DAY #nwa my wife is onboard with me, although she said it looks like Gucci ha-ha I think it’s the Green and...

Working on a clock tower from 1874 with my Tudor Pelagos 42 blue

Just getting into work and it’s still dark outside but no worries with my trusty Pelagos the lume is amazing and makes it always easy to read. A bit o...