Horoillogical ·

Keep or Trade-in?

Hi everyone, new here! I have been deliberating on this for a while now and just interested to hear how others would approach. I was recently fortunat...
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Universal_Lee ·

Tudor tool???

So while on holiday I wore my recently acquired Pelagos Black… Went for a couple of swims… and this happened! It is apparently a known fault… wish I’d...
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violanime ·

Which would you pick? And looking for dive watch suggestions 3-5k

Looking at a serious dive watch to mark the occasion when I go/pass scuba cert. I was re-watching Casino Royale for the 1000th time and love how the PO on rubber looks in action. I'm open to hearing s...
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nytime ·

What are you eyeing next?

(Picture from Horbiter) After experiencing a titanium watch, I've kind of been obsessed with the Pelagos recently. Though I was quite set on getting t...
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AllTheWatches ·

Tick, Tick, Lume

I know the Pelagos has its fans, rightfully so, but I do not feel enough people talk about its awesome lume, something I admire often after coming ind...
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Salterelli ·

Pelagos decision - Which would you choose? Blue / Black / LHD

Hey all, thinking of finally pulling the trigger on a Pelagos as a beater. I was leaning towards the LHD but they are now harder to come by... which w...
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AussieMike ·

Just picked up this morning.

Deepest watch dive for me to date (& probably for a little while). Needless to say it won't be my everyday wear but it doesn't make it any less ex...
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sabretooth ·

3rd and final

Looking for my 3rd and final watch of my collection (I have a GO PanoMaticLunar and a Zenith Covergirl Airweight). And I am looking for a diver. Have...
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PeterKotsa ·

Whats your thoughts on watches that cannot accept strap changes?

There are certain watches that only allow for nato style straps to be used (eg like the Tudor Pelages FXD) Would you still buy a watch like this or fi...
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TimeJunkie ·

Titanium Diver Hunt SBGA463 SLGA015 or Pelagos?

The new SLGA015 is beautiful. First viewing had me hooked. I like wearing a diver as a daily. I wore a MM300 for a year as a daily. Weight, size etc d...
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