At a wedding today so I took out a piece that doesn’t get as much wrist time. Tudor 1926, SS Diamond Dail went great with the navy suit. Too bad the w...
My chill weekender watch. Tudor 1929 Opaline 39mm
The hands appear black, but they’re blue too! The 1926; a watch that changes with the light

Another one for the collection

Okay, this piece was supposed to be a gift for a friend but it arrived to late so I had to go out the other day and buy one now I have anoth...
It is a rainy Thursday here..Hope all is well with everyone..
Bella Baltany Today 265/365

Tudor 1926?

Hey Crunchers! Anybody out there own a Tudor 1926? I’d be interesting in hearing how you like it. I’m dying to get into the brand and am wondering if...

Strap > Bracelet

Today I finally took the bracelet off my Tudor 1926 Opaline Dial 39mm and put an infinitely more comfortable horween leather strap on it. I’ve recentl...

NWA #1: First MOP dial

Had a poll on here a couple of weeks back but ended up going with the least popular option because I know best! Really glad I did as this MOP dial is...

Baltany MOP 1926

This arrived from Aliexpress today. Only Chinese watch that I've received where the warranty card isn't blank. I've not got an instant buzz, usually d...