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6.25” / 15.88 cm Wrist
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Tailoring a suit for your watch

I don’t wear suits very often but with a few weddings coming up this year I found a great deal online for one. Now that I have it in hand, I got to th...

Finding purpose

This comic was made for us crunchers. 😂

Pink dial Tudor Black Bay Chrono! Possibly 1 of 1?

Just saw on instagram that Tudor sent their brand ambassador Jay Chou a pink dial Black Bay Chrono! Apparently it was a birthday present from the bran...

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commented on wehoardthings's WRUW ·

Wow that’s gorgeous. Love the stack as well. 👏🏽

commented on TOP 20 SWISS WATCH COMPANY RANKING (2024) ·

Thanks for sharing! Hermes topped Tudor?! That’s wild. There’s people that talk about watches and people who actually buy watches.

commented on GS9 Grand Seiko NYC Flagship Store Event ·

Beautiful store! I’ll have to stop by soon.

commented on Cartier Tank Must SolarBeat Bracelet Options ·

I got the beads of rice bracelet (etsy seller) that YourTerrific mentioned once and I hated the bracelet. The clasp was so thin and cheap. Maybe go for a mesh one? I feel like the quartz bracelet has to be compatible… it’s the same case.

commented on Let’s see your Unique Quartz Timepiece. ·

Mr Jones is my most unique quartz for sure.

commented on Added the Hermes H08 to celebrate my 32nd ·

Very cool pickup! Wear it in good health. 🤝

commented on CW C65 Dune GMT dropped today … ·

Beautiful! Love the colorway. 👏🏽

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NWA: Vintage Patek Philippe Ellipse

My first Patek Philippe, first “Holy Trinity”, first precious metal, and first vintage watch. Introducing the Patek Philippe Ellipse. Picked it up fro...

In house > third party 😉

A watch joke to start the day. Hahahaha Source: @horological_dicktionary on instagram

Watch Art

Hey Crunchers! Does anyone else have a need to show everyone that visits their home that you love watches? I got this framed print from Andy Blank las...

Kurono Tokyo Chronograph 3 HISUI:翡翠

Morning Crunchers! I woke up to a surprising new future release from Kurono Tokyo. I’ve been following them for a few months now and I’ve been waiting...

NWA - Pulsar Mickey Mouse

Ever find yourself on WatchCrunch looking at someone’s SOTC and see something amazing you HAD to have it? We’ll that happened to me…. Thanks to @dials...