Professor_F ·

Tudor submariners should get more love

I love it when snobs scoff that "Tudor subs are just Rolex knockoffs" or whatever. I just think "wow, who knew! In that case, please show me where I c...
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wintermutt ·

Anyone else into vintage Tudor Subs?

The Rolex/Tudor Submariner is more or less, in my opinion, the perfect watch. I guess it all depends how you define"perfect watch." I got into vintage...
14 390
Salterelli ·

Tudor Small Rose

Hey folks... I have been offered to chance to add this vintage 7016 to my collection.... I dont know the providence of the watch so just unsure if it'...
6 348
Subhayu ·

Are tudor watches underrated?

Is the tudor the most underrated watch brand? I have one and frankly it’s an amazing watch, the finishing the finesse the pricing and value.
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submarinera ·

Who has the most versatile lineup?

What brand would you say has the most versatile lineup of watches? Models that would cater to a wide variety of people for a wide variety of occasions...
5 271 ·

Experience with modding?

I’m thinking about modding my Tudor Pelagos, I hate the snowflake hand. Any pointers from experienced modders?
11 268
chronophung ·

Should I buy the Tudor GMT?

I really want a Tudor and I am going to be doing a lot of travel for my new job (when I can again), should I buy the Tudor GMT or get something else t...
6 155
splitting.sconds ·

Tudor Pelagos vs TAG Aquaracer

I'm about to get my first dive watch and can't decide between the Tudor Pelagos and TAG Heuer Aquaracer, what do you think I should get as my first di...
12 537
Max ·

PEPSI battle | Rolex GMT Master vs. Tudor Black Bay GMT

5 162
Max ·

Tudor's BEST Black Bay Yet! + How to Improve Your Watch Shots

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sachleb.0101 ·

Tudor Submariner?

So what do you think? Will Tudor ever re-release their version of the Submariner?
10 326
Aaron1 ·

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Review

When the 2nd addition to the Black Bay Fifty-Eight family was released in the summer of 2020, I just knew that it was a watch I was going to have to h...
0 801
chronopanda ·

Tudor vs Rolex

How similar are Tudor watches to big brother Rolex? Will I look like I’m trying too hard? They must have some sell point or they wouldn’t sell. Any in...
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