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Fergal ·

Which to keep? Decision time!

Hi folks, I hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying your favourite watches. I’d appreciate your discerning opinion on a decision I’m mulling over. A...
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Max ·

Writing Off A Watch Too Quickly?

With so many watch releases in rapid succession, we are forced to make snap judgments based on a couple press photos or videos. I worry we may have wr...
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andystwt ·

Traska Summiteer 36 Best alternative to the Ranger

I think Traska just made the perfect alternative to the Ranger and Explorer, more to the ranger though. It's antiscratches it's 36mm has the 369 and i...
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TimeCop ·

What are the most polarising watches you own??

I'll start.
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MWC2020 ·

The New Tudor Ranger Thoughts?

Before I start filming and researching on the Tudor Ranger, I’d love to know your thoughts on it. I have it in person right now loaned in by a subscri...
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iforgettopee ·

Tudor Ranger 79950 on Vanguard BB58 rubber strap

Hi WatchCrunch, Wanted to share a nice discovery: rubber strap for a BB58 fits the new Tudor Ranger - not perfect, but close enough for me.
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marioap ·


... and now... what I'm going to do? And you?
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UnholiestJedi ·

Strap Monster; the Song?

Listening to some tunes today & then watched @Max video about what a strap monster the Tudor Ranger could be. One of the tunes was Rock Lobster by...
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leecarter ·

Tudor Ranger

A simple watch for a simple man 😀
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yankthemike ·


Well after all that...these are nice, but not a thrill eh?
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