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Suggestions pls (also an *I'm not dead* post

Alright I'm back. It's been about a year but I'm back full time now. If you've never met me on here before I'm an annoying little british twat who wil...

'Hurr Durr do your research' Also known as Scooby gives up

I hate those 'is it real?' posts. And yet here I am. It's no secret that one of my grails is an actually worn Vietnam war era Mil spec watch. Problem...

#1WC, I submit to the council for appeal

Peeps, it is entirely possible that my attempt at the one watch challenge may be at an end. It is my understanding that one must wear their chosen wat...

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commented on Tattoos and Watches...Where are my tattoo brothers and sisters!?!

Got my first (of hopefully many) a few weeks ago. Right shoulder not the easiest place to photo

commented on What鈥檚 the one thing you LOVE about being a watch collector?

When I'm wearing a tactical watch it makes me feel like a BMF. That's about it really

commented on Scooby's WRUW

It is indeed

commented on Scooby's WRUW

I know I am

commented on Back where it all started 馃嚚馃嚟

Are you Mr X

commented on Hublot is awesome, and the greatest words of wisdom I've ever heard with regard to watches... AKA, window shopping with @edge168n

So, what subjective thing are you trying to solve for with your collection?

I'm 5'9 and 120 pounds. I have a 6 inch wrist, and I speak with a nasally East Midlands accent (oh ayup there meduck Ahm just off dahn the pub). I work in retail where I have to wear a specific uniform. Just once, in one area in my life I'd like to look a bit sexy, a bit like Clint Eastwood or Jason Statham. That's why I wear mil spec watches. And we all know that skirts practically take themselves off when you tell a girl that your watch is compliant with ISO 6425

commented on Watch Snobbery: An Analogy

Has anybody ever actually met a 'watch snob'? Coming up on 5 years in this hobby I've never once met someone who's looked down in disgust at my affordable watches. Is it just a strawman? Do these mythical snobs actually exist?

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#1WC, Gaston's timepiece

We all have a little bit of Gaston in us. It's that little voice in us that goes 'I deserve that promotion because dammit I'm the best worker here!'....

The Services and Field watches

Hi everyone. Im writing a paper regarding Field watches and ive created a survey to gather information. If youve served in the British Armed Forces id...

Just turned down a Daytona, bought this instead

Alright alright so we know that's not at all going to happen. Thought it was funny was all. I've had a very pleasant Sunday. After church I was walkin...

CWC G10-My writeup (not a review, honest)

Ramble part 聽 If you're聽anything like me, you love a good Field Watch. They define everything I enjoy about this hobby. Tacticool, Practicool聽and an a...


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Bund Straps; Yay or Nay?

Hey there everyone. I've recently watched Once Upon a time In Hollywood. Cracking film. Completely unrelated, I now have a thing for Bullhead Chronos and Bund Straps. Doing my research trying to get a...
131 votes

Anyone know of any good articles or sources as to Field Watch history?

Good evening you beautiful people. I'm after some help, as I've searched for hours on Google, tried every possible word combination, looked in both my...