Watch Snobbery: An Analogy

Been seeing a lot of posts lately regarding styles of watch-enthusiasm/collecting, always ending with long threads of people telling each other how to partake in this outdated and wildly niche hobby of ours. Thus, I've decided to write up this analogy no one asked for - mostly for me to scream into the void.

That said, let's take a break from doom-scrolling and enter the world of imagination:


It's the end of a hard work week, and your friends (and some acquaintances) have invited you to go to a local food&drink hall. This business operates like a mix of a taproom, cocktail bar, and food cafeteria. Here you all gather and talk your favorite hobby: food and drink! (If you don't like or partake in alcohol consumption, a lot of this analogy may not be for you).


You enter the food&drink hall, and see a series of beer and cider taps lining the wall behind the bar, as well as many assorted bottles of liquor. Your friends and acquaintances gather 'round the bar area to order drinks and from this you can discern there are several types of people who partake in this hobby:

  • The Classical Drink Enthusiast: this person is after drinks of aged designs whether it be long traditions of hops cultivation lineage, or an time-tested cocktail recipe. You see them sitting in a vintage-style leather booth on the side. They'll spend hours telling you the history of their drink of choice, and why it is the best and only option.

  • The Beer Fanatic: you see this person questioning the bartend about all of the various beers, and only the beers. They ask to try as many as they can, and eventually settle for a flight of beers. If you'd ask, they'd tell you everything about beers - on a surface level. They've tried it all, and frankly they won't venture out into anything different anytime soon.

  • The IPA Nerd: they surely know there are other types of beer out there, right? But for some reason they find themselves always drawn to what amounts on the surface to the same flavor profile over and over. Before you can ask why they are so into IPAs, they turn and tell you how it's all you need, and the best for various other reasons. To clarify, you really didn't ask.

  • The Value Seeker: you find this person on the side of the crowd at the bar, jotting away on a napkin. Upon peering over their shoulder you can see they are calculating the "ABV/$$$" ratios, and it's apparent they are after the taps that provide the best "deal," there is a great chance they whip out a can of lager from the 30-rack they bought last weekend at Kroger's. Their sentiment is expressed very loudly once their decision is made, a big part of the experience for them is to let you know what a great deal they got.

  • The Niche Drinker: whether from allergies, or just a very picky pallete, this person is seen asking the bartend for substitutions or a very specific drink. These folks tend to be the least likely to impose their views on you, but if they do it's a bit like talking (err... being talked at) with a brick wall.

  • The Post Snob: behind the crowd hunched over a laptop is a weird troll-looking fellow, you can see him writing a lengthy ramble bout the types of drinkers he sees at this bar, and somehow that equates to his niche hobby and how people interact. What an asshole.


You turn and leave the bar, maybe you'll go home, drink whatever you have on hand that you enjoy, and log onto "Beer Crunch" and discuss the intricacies of the niche hobby with other online beer-goblins. Suddenly you find yourself back to reality on this post here - it was all a daydream.


So what was this daydream? Why the long food&drink hall analogy? All too often on online forums, hobby-groups, comment sections, etcetera, we see people trying to impose their style of watch-enthusiasm onto each other. This is a hobby purely about self-expressionism, and what's important to you may not be important to someone else. Finding the best "value" possible, learning the most obscure and lengthy history, being a movement nerd, a style-only seeker, or maybe a combination of any mentioned and not mentioned. The fact is: different people, are different people.

We all have preferences, and therefore are snobs in our own way. So what kind of snob are you (in watches and at the food&drink hall)?


I'm a Casio-goblin. LOL

I'm the guy with surface knowledge of many drinks available and talks with anyone willing about their particular favorite. Sadly that means I leave having mixed many different things, feeling ill and needing the following day off to recover.

I'm the Niche Enthusiast.


I'm the guy with surface knowledge of many drinks available and talks with anyone willing about their particular favorite. Sadly that means I leave having mixed many different things, feeling ill and needing the following day off to recover.

Haven't you heard? Dress watches before divers, never need to take a fiver!

^I tried real hard for that. Feels embarrassing

I am an analogy snob.


I am an analogy snob.

Omg samesies

I find im becoming a positivity-snob. I resent the posts on any sort of forum where folks just gripe. We gripe about how much expensive watches suck, we gripe about how cheap watches suck, griping about whatever the hell swatch is doing this week, griping about a waitlist, griping about derivative designs, griping about crazy off the wall designs, and in my case griping about griping.

When I see something I don鈥檛 want to positively engage with I try and keep scrolling. I don鈥檛 always succeed but I usually do.

I just like what I like, period!

I'm into reverse snobbery and I'm tea total..