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Casio G-Shock

This is probably my favorite g-shock in my collection. I like the size and that's it's just a watch that's going to take whatever i throw it's way.

How did my watch get scratched?

Is it time for her lying ways to hit the road???

Watch nerds and the lying women we love....

As i sit here going through watchcrunch and taking in the beautiful watches and mentally preparing for next weeks scavenger hunt.... My girlfriend (po...

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Droppingin commented on Deus ex machina: Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn't know how to twist???

Droppingin commented on Scavenger Hunt Flash Challenge: Priorities

@DeeperRed even under stress of being zombie meat, trying to make this one artsy

Droppingin commented on Grail found!

Awesome looking watch. Congratulations

Droppingin commented on MB Heritage GMT thoughts + macro shots. Should more pen companies make watches?

This watch is gorgeous.

Droppingin commented on Last spot in the box

Is that a baby blue Bambino? If so, very very nice.

Droppingin commented on Deus ex machina: Scavenger Hunt

This book is from the 8th grade...

Droppingin commented on Deus ex machina: Scavenger Hunt

Ok Cool

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Stauer 1930

Nothing like listening to vinyl with a gun watch. I have no idea what the 1930 means or if it's just a gimmick but i love wearing this watch. Jump hou...

Timex vintage watch

Not quite vintage but 52 years old. The more i wear this the more i like it. I've been trying to get the beat rate dialed in. It's easy to pop open th...

About to watch Oppenheimer

With my Boderry

This is the watch that started it all...

My Swiss Army i got when i was in college to replace a watch that had gotten stolen or of my car. It's a beautiful quartz watch. For years it was the...

Black and white Friday

My white dial Orient Bambino. I like the plain look, it's elegant. The disk is very good looking in sunlight. This is the older 40" version.

Hump day watch

I grew up watching Timex commercial..."they take a licking and keep on ticking"...So Timex's hold childhood memories for me... I think the Timex Tachy...

Pool time

It was100 today so we had to hit the pool with the Casio Duro...I really like this watch. It's bold and feels really sturdy.