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Seagull 1963 hand winding chronograph.

Been after one of these for some time and finally landed one this week. I love these and the movement is SO pretty. #seagull1963 #seagull #chinesewatc...

#Zodiac Watches - Swiss Formula.

Zodiac Swiss Formula 200 Metres - guessing this is an 80’s watch. someone once said that a former TAG Heuer designer “jumped ship” over to Zodiac and...

Vintage Hamilton Fontainebleau.

Vintage (1960’s ???) Hamilton Fonatainebleau. Automatic movement, running nicely. Have a great St Patrick’s day all ☘ ❤

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RussCarter1962 commented on RussCarter1962's WRUW ·

Wow!! Great information.

thank you.

take care yourself


RussCarter1962 commented on RussCarter1962's WRUW ·

Cheers buddy. I love this watch - it replaced one identical, that I had to sell (for various reasons) a few years back.

Regarding age…… absolutely no clue whatsoever!!?? Sorry…..

wouldn’t even know where to start trying to figure that out!? 🤷🏼‍♂️😉

RussCarter1962 commented on Do sport watches need date window especially diver watches? ·

Personally, whether sports watch, dress watch or whatever - I always find myself looking at my watch when someone asks me the date!?

In a nutshell - I prefer a watch that shows the date, if you can add the day - even better !! BUT, if it has neither ….. it’s a watch!! What’s not to love. 🤷🏼‍♂️😉🤣😂

RussCarter1962 commented on Best watches for active military service? ·

Excellent!! 🖤👍🏼

RussCarter1962 commented on Best watches for active military service? ·

Not sure if anyone has mentioned Elliot Brown watches??

Another specialist watch maker here in the UK producing timepieces directly for specialist branches of the British military.

Rick solid (bomb proof - look it up😳) and reasonably priced.

The Holton Professional is the “real deal”.

RussCarter1962 commented on Best watches for active military service? ·

Further to previous replies….CWC have made watches for all branches of the UK armed forces.



Navy Diver

SBS Diver

Available online.


These are mine.

Great watches at really reasonable prices.

RussCarter1962 commented on Better braclet to use for a tool watch ·

For me the oyster every time!!

My speedy bracelet is very pretty. Not what I’d call “toolsy” even slightly 😳🤷🏼‍♂️