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Stephme ·

How many months of salary do you consider affordable ?

I'm specifically talking in months of salary, irrelevant of what your salary is, because if someone earns 1k a month his affordable might be 3 months...
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A_Lange_Sinn ·

Every Day of the Week and Twice on Sunday

Greetings All, I am on a mission to build a perfect collection…a 6 watch collection. This collection will be comprised of primarily sports watches (No...
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thewatchcomedian ·

If you already know, what's your next watch?

And how long have you been waiting to get it / in how long do you plan to get it? I'm curious know how patient people are when it comes to watch buyin...
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thewatchcomedian ·

You're gifted 10 000$ to buy watches: how MANY do you buy?

Would you go for your grail watch, two or 3 luxury watches or maybe a dozen "cheaper" watches? Myself, i would 100% prefer to buy a couple (about 5-7)...
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TheOka ·

Where do you buy your watches?

So curious where people buy their watches. I would like to hear some good and trustworthy websites where I could find both new and used watches to add...
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therookie ·

Good starter brand

What is a good starter brand for someone looking to get into watches like myself..?
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playboyheafner ·

3 Watch Collection for under 100$ ?!

I know getting into watch collecting can be tough, from my experience. I got in about a year ago and I went through phase of getting watches with some...
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thewatchcomedian ·

Gift from me to me for my graduation (the watch, not the dog)

Do you own a memorial timepiece? Show us in comment!
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thewatchcomedian ·

Discuss: best watch around 500-600.

I just bought a bulova lunar Pilot and now i see why i should seek to buy "better" watches rather than inexpensive ones (inexpensive and expensive is...
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thewatchcomedian ·

Calling all Vostok fan's: let's see your vostok!

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