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Watch watching in Hong Kong

Ever since I fell down this rabbit hole, one of the most fun things is to look at watches in different countries that I visit. A quick trip to Hong Ko...

Starter Watch Collection

My little cousin is off to college and I would like to send him on in style (on a budget). What is the best starter watch collection for a total of $1...

The one to rule them all and keep forever (300€/320$)

Okay so hear me out I just have an interesting thought experiment. I know for some here this nothing they would usually even look at but I want to kno...

Watch Budget as Percentage of Income

The diamond industry tried to create a standard that an engagement ring should cost two month’s salary. Got me thinking about what the right amount of...

10 Tips For Spotting Super Fake Watches....Have you ever been a victim of buying a super fake?

10 Tips For Spotting Super Fake Watches When buying a watch online, regardless of the brand, it is important to trust your seller and do your research...

How to recognise a fake: Watches

$1000 is my limit…should it be?

I can afford greater than but haven’t pulled the trigger. I tend to talk myself out. To be honest I’m happy staying the course but wondering if I shou...

Paying retail is a good thing

Let’s face it, this isn’t a cheap hobby. We all tend to flex our budgets to make that next step in adding something to our collections. Sometimes buyi...

How many months of salary do you consider affordable ?

I'm specifically talking in months of salary, irrelevant of what your salary is, because if someone earns 1k a month his affordable might be 3 months...

If you already know, what's your next watch?

And how long have you been waiting to get it / in how long do you plan to get it? I'm curious know how patient people are when it comes to watch buyin...

You're gifted 10 000$ to buy watches: how MANY do you buy?

Would you go for your grail watch, two or 3 luxury watches or maybe a dozen "cheaper" watches? Myself, i would 100% prefer to buy a couple (about 5-7)...