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JoshKosh08 ·

Seiko 5 SNK809 feat. magpies

Went on a walk today and fed a few magpies along the way. I couldn't wear anything too colourful nor shiny since that might intimidate the birds. I di...
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bikerbill ·

ebay bargain found

Genuine bargains are hard to find these days but I thought I'd give a heads up on something that I think is a steal. It's an automatic Accurist that u...
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64spoons ·

Seiko Prospex PADI Automatic

Got this beauty on Mercari. I’m not really a fan of divers but, this was so gorgeous I had to get it.
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Tristan ·

1981 Seiko 5 vintage watch | 7009-876a | Japan Made

My father-in-law gave me this watch and It's my first automatic watch.
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ottop1 ·

Can a Finnish watch be any good? - A Review of Leijona Järwi

When you think of Finland, what comes to your mind? Lakes? Mosquitoes? Cold winters? Santa? My home country is known for many things, but watches aren...

Leijona Järwi

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Fatehwatch ·

Not so daily beater.

My first Seiko 5 sports gifted to me by a friend. I'm new to the site so thought I'd start off my first post with my first automatic watch I've receiv...
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64spoons ·

Jack Mason #2

Anyone who’s vaguely familiar with my account knows that Jack Mason is my favorite watch maker. I own a Pursuit (the least expensive watch they have)...
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TalkingDugong ·

SOTC (up to date as to 27/11/2022)

My new watch box has arrived which is good because before this I had a 3 slot box and 9 watches (with a tenth on the way!) I rehoused my watches and t...
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gradyeger ·

Bulova GMT

I know this watch has been on the market for a few months now. However, the idea of owning a Bulova has really peaked my interest lately. Just happy t...

Introducing: Bulova's New Affordable GMT Democratizes One Of Our Favorite Complications
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Bridger ·

Hamilton H-Series Automatic Movement, Departure From ETA Good or Bad?

I am a big fan of Hamilton. I consider myself pretty green when it comes to the latest changes and departure with Hamilton and ETA. Speaking directly...
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