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Original Designs at San Martin

I recently watched a review video for some original designs at San Martin. What do y'all think? Are homage brands coming into their own? https://youtu...

Experiences with Watch Art Exchange?

From their website: "All our watches are in Mint Condition and are Investment Grade Certified by WAE." Has anyone worked with them? Is a watch that is...

Collections with Vostok, and Vostok Collectors

Undoubtedly there are those who are on a path to find all the variations of the Vostok Komandirskie and Amphibia watches. And with many if not most of...

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commented on KDKing's WRUW

How are you liking the Addiesdive? Is it similar to the Steeldive?

commented on yani365's WRUW

Well, I grew up in the NE, beaches on Cape Cod. And I agree with you. <75 is pointless if it can be avoided. Now, Flamenco Beach in Culebra. That's comfortable.

commented on yani365's WRUW

I suspect from your handle that you are a fan of the warm weather.

commented on JohnnyWest's WRUW

Wow! That dial! That's an amazing piece!

You have a very eclectic collection! Nothing near mainstream! What's your collecting perspective? Why do you buy a watch?

commented on TickyBurden's WRUW

Amazing amazing. Thank you.

commented on egotti's WRUW

I'm loving the look of that dial with the stainless!

commented on jaiwatch's WRUW

Is that actually the name of this dial? That color is outstanding.

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Travel Pack, and Wear to Get There...

A week in Atlanta, a few nice dinners, a few hikes, a few museums, the Botanical Gardens, and maybe sit by a pool for awhile. What's in your Travel Pa...

Definitive List of Microbrands?

Does anyone know of a full list of Microbrands that an ongoing business? And/Or a list of defunct ones? Yes, I know it's/they're a fluctuating group....

Facing reality. Time stops for no man. Time to go to work. Counting the seconds until I'm home and warm again.

Invicta Speedway chronograph, older, a find/gift from my loving fianc茅.

Nadir Watches

In my interactive interview with Bart Maniecki, founder of Nadir Watches, he discusses the screw down case back design, and the use of the company log...

Interactive interview: I have questions for Nadir Watches...

Hey Folks! I'm going to try out this format here for a live series of questions with and for micro-brands founders, small strap makers, and possibly o...

Quartz Watches. Fair Game or No Way?

Quartz Watches are a bit decisive, for sure. I own several that have some sentimental value. But I also feel that if the movement is a high quality serviceable movement, that it isn't intended to be d...
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