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Leather on a Diver 🤔

Not normally one for leather straps on a diver, but trying this leather nato out on the CWC. Yay 😀or Nay ☹️?

Travelling With Watches

I work away from home a fair bit, 28 days on rotation / 28 days off rotation. This always leaves me with the difficult decision of which watches to ta...

CWC Watch Roll

Been after one of these for sometime to house my collection of CWC watches, but has been out of stock for ages on Silverman’s website. Finally managed...

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commented on pez1980's WRUW ·

I love this model, spent a lot of time trying to decide between the triple date and the standard model. Glad I went with this one, as you don’t see many and I prefer the smaller size.

commented on pez1980's WRUW ·

Thank you sir 👍🏻

commented on TheWatchTimes's WRUW ·

Love the red and black on this model, really makes it stand out 🔥. Watch looks as hard as nails too 💪 Might give the G-Shocks a run for their money as the zombie apocalypse watch of choice 😜

commented on Call_me_V's WRUW ·

Great picture of a great looking wach 🔥 I normally prefer watches without a date, but think I could make an exception in this case!

commented on CWC Watch Roll ·

No unfortunately not, only other colour presently is black

commented on New Hanhart Release ·

This is a great looking watch. Love the way the blue in the hands compliments the white dial. Hanhart are doing really good things at the moment 🔥

commented on 501s_Watches's WRUW ·

Great looking watch 🔥🔥 Love the way the light catches the dial, it’s retro styling and touches of red. Strap looks awsome too 💪

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NWA Seiko Willard SPB153

First purchase of 2024. Have had my eye on one of these for a long time since they were first released, but always held off as I thought they were a l...

FXD Strap Monster 👿

FXD back in rotation and a host of strap choices to get through. The quality of the rubber Bonetto Cinturini natos is great and I love the fact they c...

Breitling Montbrillant Datora

One of my oldest watches that doesn’t get as much wrist time as it used to now that I’m not office based. But, when it does get an outing I quickly re...

Style Over Practicality!

Picked up this Mido Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer when they were first released last year as a fun summer watch. Was instantly captivated by the...

Watch Apps For Your Phone

Does anyone else use an App to manage their collection? Have been using WatcheePro for a few years and find it pretty good. You can track wear rate of...

CWC Tamar Watch

Limited Edition CWC Tamar Watch. I love CWC watches with a passion, BUT have just come across this on their website and am really not feeling the love...