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Comfort zone challenge SOTC 24

Four months in and already pretty diverse. Jan-April in order left to right.

Out of Comfort Zone question

This year I Challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone and expand my collection with brands, dials, styles, and materials. I said I would never wear any of these at one point With the predetermin...
294 votes ·

Is it just me?

Does anyone else find it funny or odd That the swatch group with all of their amazing brands have one of their biggest successes ever from a $300 plas...

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commented on leatherngold's WRUW ·

Panerai look spot on , the bigger the better ❤️

commented on Pondering Paneri ·

I never thought I would own one till I Got it on the wrist. I always thought they would be too big and now I have a 47mm I want to wear every day. True GADA and absolutely a strap monster. I would say don’t knock it till you try it You may be surprised.

commented on Luminor Marina Verde Smeraldo ♻️💚 ·

Excellent choice welcome! Panaristi ❤️🍾 their boutique experiences to none In my experience

commented on TacoTimeTony's WRUW ·

Thank you 🍻

commented on TacoTimeTony's WRUW ·

Thank you 🍻

commented on WabiSabiMaster's WRUW ·

Awesome picture great collection of both❤️ you have style, my friend!

commented on What are your “GADA” watches? ·

Panarai 514


Tudor Ranger


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Mint chocolate chip review

Why I chose this one for my March out of my comfort zone challenge. Smaller than I’m use to at 38mm Micro brand I have never owed. Chronograph, althou...

#studiounderd0g Mint chocolate chip chronograph

4.6 Avg. Score

April comfort zone challenge Pink 💄

Time to officially bust out my April choice. This one is definitely way….. out of my comfort zone. 38mm diver / Bronze / lipstick pink on pink strap f...

Which strap slaps !!

After getting this new watch, naturally, I needed more straps… love the black and cream however I wanted some choices. Nothing aftermarket to keep it...

Early Easter

Doing a little Window Watch shopping in Scottsdale this week. I stopped by the Panaria Boutique here which is amazing and they have some of the nicest...

Hot Take…White Dials don’t Suck

White dials seem to be a huge trend in 2024. Lots of hype around some recent releases, however do they work on all brands? I love traditional Panera a...