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Who Argues with Irritating Buyers? Who Argues with Stubborn Sellers?

Curious. I'm trying to load off a few of my watches to streamline the collection. Also, I've written here and here and here about having just one watc...

Where Does the Small Collectors Sell Their Watches

I am wondering where you guys sell your watches? I have around 20 watches that range from Seiko and Casios to higher end pieces. I see everyday where...

To sell or not to sell?

I'd appreciate help with a true first-world problem: Should I sell or keep my Nomos Tangente Ref. 132? I purchased this watch several years ago to mar...

Finally Selling

I have been deliberating for quite some time on what to sell. I am going to start with these. The Stop2Go Mondaine is already listed with the rest joi...

To sell or not to sell, Tag Heuer Formula 1 x Mario Kart

Hi guys! New poster here working through a back catalogue's worth of content and cool watches. But first! I am faced with a conundrum! To sell or not sell my Tag Heuer x Mario Kart? Context - I bought...
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Wait, I Thought You Were Gone

So, I made a big song-and-dance post about giving up my Cartier Tank for the sake of trimming down my collection to what I thought would be eventually...

How often do you sell watches?

I am curious, are Crunchers flippers or keepers. (I have a theory that addresses a specific question that keeps coming up)
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Saying goodbye to a legend.

Beautiful watch, but I find myself almost never wearing this one. I鈥檝e owned it maybe two months, but it gets overlooked often, so it鈥檚 listed for sal...

The Agony of Choice鈥.

Hey Crunchers, after a period of reflection I have finally decided that I'm culling my collection. I have a bit of time on my hands over the next mont...

Selling watches

How do you go about it? My key questions are: Platform used (eBay, Chrono24 etc) Ways to protect yourself from theft. Packing + Shipping (I鈥檓 UK based...