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Felix Toucan Watches "Mr Bones"

Before yesterday I'd never heard of Felix Toucan watches. My son dropped by get some tools and asked if I'd ever heard of them. He’d been at a local P...

Ichibunz "Arctic Ichi GMT" AKA Chilly Bunz 200m Review

Once you try on an IchiBunz designs watch. Your hooked! This is my first and it won't be my last. Having a custom watch made to your own imagination i...

Ichibunz Arctic Ichi GMT AKA "Chilly Bunz"

5.0 Avg. Score

Quick Tour To The Columbia Gorge

I had a short tour to the Columbia Gorge today and thought I'd bring you all along. Pick up at Pioneer Square downtown Portland 1st stop at Crown Poin...

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Whitesalmon commented on WRUW Active Streaks ·

That's a true Boss Jedi move!🙏

Whitesalmon commented on Casio Duro Dive Watch ·

It's hard to beat!💪

Whitesalmon commented on Whitesalmon's WRUW ·

I used an AI program to create the artwork and then Photoshop to add the Samurai to the image.

Whitesalmon commented on WRUW Active Streaks ·

I was wondering what happened😢

Whitesalmon commented on Whitesalmon's WRUW ·

Thank you! much appreciated!

Whitesalmon commented on WRUW Active Streaks ·

It flips for me PST at the stroke of midnight now. The top 10 are pretty consistent Crunchers. Yippy I’m in 5th place💥My new goal is the "Wristy730"

Whitesalmon commented on Whitesalmon's WRUW ·

These are amazing strap systems with the included matching lugs. I highly recommend them

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WRUW Wristy 120 & 180 badges

Just got these 2 badges this morning, Curious who else got em' I'm currently at 278 days of continuous WRUW's Maybe there will be a Wristy 365 1 Year...

Follow the Great White Hunter

With the holidays and January behind us, We’ve all made our new years resolutions. Many of us swearing off a watch purchase until sometime in the dist...

A Cautionary Tale

Ultimately for me watches are a tool! I wore 1 watch for 7 years and was happy as could be. So when I decided I wanted more than one watch. I did what...

Making up some Watch Rolls for our friends Ivan & Judy at Vario

Making up a couple new watch rolls for our friends at Vario. Ivan & Judy are an amazing watchmaking team. Just thought I'd share

Tall Tales and a Little Whitesalmon Lie

Thanks to @Eris_Goddess_of_Discord for startin another bit of fun for us. But it's only a couple of weeks till Christmas so tis the time for games, an...