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New, smaller Doxa (39mm) - what are you thinking about this?

So Doxa have just released the Sub 200T, a 39mm x 41mm x 10.7mm version of one of their most iconic designs. I never owned a Doxa despite admiring the...

Calling all London-based watch sellers!

I've finally reached a point where I'm looking to sell a few watches and my preference would be to do this analog-fashion via a bricks-and mortar busi...

I see watches... Everywhere.

When you see a sandworm and immediately think Aqua Terra is that an indication that you need some time away from this hobby?

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commented on Wife’s 50th Birthday Present ·

FYI/FWIW - if this being too dressy is a concern, there are versions without the diamonds. My wife (not a watch person) has fallen in love with the similar Longines Dolce Vita Mini (pic below) which she feels threads the needle between dressy and understated. And because she likes that the bracelet reminds her of a disco mirrorball.

commented on Mido Commander 8259 In Flight! ·

This has got the standard watch + car wheel badge flaunt beat all to hell. Kudos. Lovely Mido too!

commented on Happy or Disappointed?? 2024 New Rolex Releases ·

Boooo-ring. They've gone (almost) full status symbol manufacturer. In that light, they are extremely good at what they do, but it's pretty much 'nothig to see here' for the IWS collective.

commented on Watches and Wonders 2024 - did you see a watch you would actually buy? ·

Yup, this was the standout of today for me. Future GS classic.

commented on Violet / Purple Dials ·

Not to take anything away from the CW Twelve, but the Bel Canto is also available in purple...


commented on Do you think I made the right call? ·

100% looks like the right call to me - and I love the 40mm Explorer. I would say the 36mm OP is an objectively better fit for you and a more interesting and subtle watch that dresses up more than the Explorer so is even more versatile (and less common).

commented on This watch in ONE word ? ·

With both great respect for what went into this and someone who likes to be able to tell the time when I look at a watch I have to offer two words: 'Staggering' and 'Illegible'.

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Will modern watch dials patinate in time?

Shout out to @Cgmiliani for his earlier article on opinions about patina that made me question this. I'm wondering if there is any kind of consensus o...

It begins...

The tree's not up, no gifts have been bought, cards sent or turkey ordered... But the first eggnog of the season has been made. So clearly all is well...

Review: King Seiko SPB281

OK, I don't do many reviews but thought this one might be of interest even a few years since release as I have a few observations I haven't seen in an...

Let's talk discounts.

I'd like to pick the WC hive mind regarding how/when/where to ask for discounts or special deals. Many of my watches were picked up at discount during...

Favourite quotes on time and watches?

I was watching the film Beat The Devil, a weird little gem starring Humphrey Bogart, directed by John Huston, and scripted by a young Truman Capote. A...

Under-the-radar Grand Seiko?

So I'm wondering: who here knows about the SBGA4XX series? Based on some deeply unscientific use of the WC search feature I'm betting very few. These...