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Seth & Co Appreciation Post

@Mr.Dee.Bater kindly introduced me to Seth’s website a few months back. Seth has been a solid dude to do business with offering the best prices for a...

My First Spring Drive! NWA- SBGA465

In February 2023, I bought my first Swiss automatic watch which was my Rolex OP 26 mm. When I first got into watch collecting, I thought I had to stic...

My Zelos Blacktip Burnt Orange coordinates with King pretty well. πŸ‘‘

Do you have a watch that color coordinates with your pet? Please share!

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commented on Saturday with Cartier and a GS Β·

You need siapao in your life too!! Was the pink lime tart good?

commented on Saturday with Cartier and a GS Β·

Glad you had a nice day with the family. Not so good to hear the food disappointed though. This is really what you needed-


@Ichibunz @hakki501 @WristCounselor what are your go to siopao flavors? How can we get some to Alex all the way in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­?

commented on Identification Β·
commented on Lauren's WRUW Β·

I have! It looks nice, but I have not read the best reviews about the Soprod movement.

commented on Affordable Alternative to the Aqua Terra? Β·

If you like the teak dial and don’t mind a dive bezel check out the latest Marinemaster!

commented on Lauren's WRUW Β·

Looks awesome on you! Its an honor to twin with you! πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ

commented on Lauren's WRUW Β·

Do it. Get it! 😁

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NWA Nomadic Black Shamrock 19/33 and new strap alert! In my true stubborn fashion, I didn’t give...

Thanks for the Nodus preview Random Rob!

Check around 5:20! The Contrail III looks nice! What do you guys think?

A stroke of luck! ☘️

Today, I wore my green Christopher Ward with the hope of maybe snagging a Nomadic Black Shamrock. To my dismay, it was quickly snagged in spite of my...

Canopy Wake One

Oakley is unsure if she can pull this off on her two inch wrist. πŸ€”

NWA Featuring Spike

Here is my new Doxa Sub 200 on Spike’s approximately 4 inch wrist.

What has watch collecting meant to you?

Do you guys remember when watch collecting became an interest to you? For me, it started around this time last year. Working in healthcare and with th...