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7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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Opinions on 2789 new old stock?

I'm working out the details of a build. It's not a must but I'd like to use a Swiss movement. But I didn't want to break the bank doing it. I've found...

Builds... They're grrrrrreat!

I've decided I'm going to start another build. My starting point is the above dial. It's in the mail and I'm excitedly anticipating it's arrival. But...

An open letter to Oris

Dear Oris, I need a better Kermit! Or more accurately, I need a better muppets watch. Please don't get me wrong, I'm an Oris fanboy. The Oris 400 may...

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dumihed commented on dumihed's WRUW ·

Thank you!

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dumihed commented on Why we all feel such disdain for Seiko now... AKA, the @ichibunz SPB143 homage perfectly illustrates why Seiko and other mid-tier manufacturers can no longer compete for enthusiasts’ hearts and minds ·

I'm late to the conversation. Have nothing new or interesting to add. I just wanted to say "Great Read!". Comments too!

dumihed commented on dumihed's WRUW ·

Thank you!

dumihed commented on dumihed's WRUW ·

There's a lot going on with this dial lol. I find new dm stuff all the time.

dumihed commented on Kimble's WRUW ·

This is a watch that will hold your attention for a while. That dial is the good kind of ridiculous.


dumihed commented on Life is good. ·

Looks like a great week!

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Changing attitudes

I like this bracelet Okay, I should rephrase that. I like how this bracelet looks. I like the crease at the top half of the link. It's an h-link but s...

Display Casebacks... Yea or Nay?

I'll admit it. The first time I saw a display caseback, I was pretty geeked. I've mentioned before that one of the reasons I enjoy watches was the imp...

Man vs Machine

I imagine I started down the road of watch obsession for the same reason as many people. For me watches have a loose affiliation with my late father....

What's your Heritage?

I've been wondering why we're so hung up as watch enthusiasts on heritage. In fact, I've even began to wonder what exactly heritage is within the watc...

They're just watches.

In Harry Potter they used the term "he who shall not be named" for the villain. Yesterday I made a post about "the brand that shall not be named". Whi...

Thought on the crown.

Rolex is so divisive! I don't think anyone would argue that they don't make a quality watch. But they have both fans and detractors with very strong o...