Credor Pacifique Kinetic

Visiting an emerging watch enthusiast capital - Thailand!

I'm in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, for work and decided to check out some watch shops as one does when you're on a work trip. While some may hav...

Credor Fugaku

Just stumbled upon this beauty! Quick details: Urushi laquer finish Mother of pearl inlay for the clouds So beautiful!

Grand Seiko - Rodeo Drive Boutique

Hi guys, just wanted to share a cool experience with you all... Since I have only like 12 followers, I guess you don´t know I love Grand Seiko, I live...

Watches in the Wild (Rush Job, Volume 45)

Disclaimer: Master Geographic for a busy day This is the forty fifth in a semi-regular digest of cool watches I happened to see this week. Past posts...

I'm considering a "Doruche" 🌊

I have been fixated on this 34mm GS Elegance lately: 34mm, F9 quartz, simple design but 4000$.. So I somehow ended up looking at the Dolce or like I l...

Am I blind? Is there truly no way to adjust the bracelet on this Credor that I purchased for my girlfriend?

This beautiful, vintage Credor has (to my eyes) no obvious way to adjust its bracelet, which unfortunately is too long for my girlfriend to wear. Am I...

Great Watch for a Great Year

Celebrating 10 years at my current company and the birth of my first kid with this Credor Eichi II. Wisdom in all of its forms

Any thoughts on how to keep this naughty springbar in place?

The problem is that it's not really a springbar, more a bracelet pin. It's keeps popping out. Anyone?

Opinions on vintage Seiko Credor?

I think the title says it all, but on my journey down the JDM rabbit hole I was reminded of Credor. I know that modern Credor watches are high end lux...