Car2nst ·

Seiko Alpinist, Orient Triton, or Seiko Presage?

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Dulche ·

Hidden gem?

Recently I've begun to have seller's remorse. I sold my cocktail time ice blue because it wasn't getting any wrist time but I've seen some pictures an...
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Sarnsamack ·

Seiko presage

Love the dark red dial, the indent’s really make this watch pop .😍
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Unholy ·

Dancing with the star

good evening fellow watch enthusiast, how is it going? i hope you re all doing well. let me share some stories about seiko presage cocktail srpb41. fe...
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watchchris ·

The Seiko 140th Anniversary Sharp Edge Presage GMT Limited Edition

This is a great looking watch I love the hemp textured dial and the fact it is a Traveller GMT... HOWEVER the bezel is misaligned... I can look over t...
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TheLeftyWatchNerd ·

New Seiko Release for the 60s Presage

This is the newest model in the 60s range of Seiko Presage, with power reserve indicator and a sub-dial for the date at 6. It's classy and sporty at t...
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Eaurouge1 ·

New seiko

I don't own a dressy fancy watch... mostly divers and gshocks. Always had the itch though... not that it will get much wear. My favourite watches are...
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Jazzmaster2022 ·

Brand new Seiko arrived yesterday, but I daren’t yet unwrap it

Hi guys, newbie here, modelling a new Seiko, but I haven’t unwrapped it, it remains boxed and hidden until I have the courage to tell my better half t...
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complication ·

The Seiko Ginza No One Loves

When Seiko did the two Ginza models I was over the moon with how good the dials looked. Size wise, I try not to wear anything below 40mm - especially...
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Eaurouge1 ·

Seiko presage

This is new to me Arrived this afternoon. It's my dressiest watch by a long way. It's stunning. I don't know much about this line of seiko's but it's...
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