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Meetup - Horophile Society Chapter 1

Ahoy Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m Naz here. The new year has arrived and with that comes resolutions and more importantly… new watch goals. 😎 Let’s start the new year/ Chinese new year with an impromp...
Feb 21
Singapore, SG
Wed, February 21 · 6:30 PM +08

Artem Sailcloth Straps Are SERIOUSLY Indestructible.

Being in this hobby/addiction, we sometimes tend to be abit scepticle on sponsored reviews. Especially when it comes to watch straps that starts from...

Tell me you have a Rolex without telling me you have a Rolex.

I’ll start - Hate setting time between 13 to 18 min of any hour.

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commented on Anyone into pocket watches? ·
commented on Meetup - Horophile Society Chapter 1 ·

You guys are legends! Thank you for making it! Till the next one! @wristybusiness @weng_c @chuawjk @Polibog @watch_schlicks @kafka24

commented on Meetup - Horophile Society Chapter 1 ·

No worries! Let me firm up with the attendees and revert to you by this evening. Will update you if there is a slot! Thanks :)

commented on What's the one thing you hate most about your favorite watch? ·

The stigma. 😂

commented on Have you ever run into a stranger wearing the exact same watch as you? ·

Submariner in a Oil and Gas/Marine Convention. It’s almost like an entry requirement. 😂

commented on ◇ MICRO HOLY TRINITY ◇ ·

With the addition of mechanical flyback movements… maybe we can add Furlan Marri to the ménage à trois. 🤔

commented on Meetup - Horophile Society Chapter 1 ·

Happy Lunar New Year Gents! 🐉 Thank you for the awesome response. I will be in contact with those attending and will update if there are any new slots available closer to the date. Have an amazing long weekend! Huat ah! 😎👍🏼

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