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Max ·

Beating Seiko at its Own Game

The Seiko 5 GMT was a fan favorite last year for the best GMT per dollar, but I got to spend some time with the Nodus sector GMT and it's a special wa...
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ten_and_two ·

Which one would you choose?

Planning a 40th birthday present to myself later this year. I’m on the dreaded list for the Rolex Explorer. If I don’t get the call by November I’ll likely choose one of the other options (although a...
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antrimbuchite ·

Sick Seiko

Just one more example- to join all the others- disappointed at an expensive Seiko watch with a SPB 131J1 and a 6R35 movement that is sick at heart. If...
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HotWatchChick69 ·

Amazing service!

Totally random, but I recently had an incredible service experience - only tangentially related to watches, but very nice nonetheless. A thing broke o...
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DancingWatch ·

Need help finding spring bars which fit my SPB203J1

Unfortunately whilst changing out the bracelet one of my spring bars decided to take a one-way trip to the shadow realm. I have regular 20mm spring ba...
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Bzilla ·

Switched over to the Casio diver

Both watches have their flaws, but I like this one better than the Casio Chronograph I was wearing earlier.
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endeswatches ·

Seiko Speedtimer

This watch first caught my attention in Aug 2022 when I was looking for a Chrono for my tiny wrist. At the time it was sold out everywhere so I never...
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Mistermac ·

If only one watch…….

I have more watches than I would like to admit to owning but I always ask myself this. If they all had to which “one” would stay? Every time I ask mys...
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davidsoine ·

Welcome everybody !

Looks like a nice place for disscussions. Happy to connect with you
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KairosChrono ·

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned...

Whats your point of view on designer watches???
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