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Kurono Tokyo Grand Urushi X Glenfiddich Grand Yozakura launch

So last week I was fortunate enough to attend a new whiskey launch, the Glenfiddich 29 years Grand Yozakura. First thing that came to mind was 鈥渨hich...

Got the new Kurono! 馃檶馃挋Fianc茅 was less impressed馃ぃ

I was so excited to have gotten one of the new Kurono release (my ideal one too!). I'll share a picture when I get the watch, but here's how my convo...

Gone in under 4 minutes

Two of the new 34mm Kuronos (the midnight and persimmon) sold out under 4 minutes (with the midnight going in about 3). As of the writing of this post...

First Post!

Hi there! For my debut post I choose this wrist shot of my recent favourite watch - Hajime sensei's Kurono Chronograph II. My fondness for this watch...

Hiroshige Strap from Kurono

So glad that fellow crunchers love the Kurono Chronograph II 馃槣 I have just changed to the Hiroshige Strap yesterday (for a new work week) - a vegetabl...

Hagime Asaoka chronograph II white Shiro.

I was one of the fortunate few to score this watch. The watch arrived this afternoon, having owned a few grand seiko this watch has the same fit and f...