Summer watches.

What is going to be your go to watch this summer? I am thinking that I am going to try to wear my Gen 1 Monster more often, I might even mod it with a...
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This is my first seiko and im surprised i havent picked up a seiko sooner! This watch is also my first ebay auction win, as well as my first diver. Ha...
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SEIKO Black Series | I'm ONLY Keeping ONE! | Which Watch Did I Choose? | Monster? Samurai? Tuna?

I've done a full review of each Seiko Black Series watch that was released last year in 2021 and now I'm picking only one to remain in my collection!...
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Gen 1 Monster

I just so happened to wear this old thing today for the first time in months, and Cole Pennington drops a new video on Hodinkee about Monsters. Could...
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How many times would you say you change your watch a day? For me I鈥檇 have to say 3 at the least lol. I usually wear one for my home job, change it if...
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These watches started it all...

These two Seikos started me on my watch journey. They are the only two Seikos in my collection. The first one I got was the SZSC005, aka the Jade Mons...
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Seiko monster

This is a 2019 Seiko monster which we got for under 拢200 retail from earnest Jones in a pre Christmas sale. This has the candy be cyclops which is pol...
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Seiko Tuna Rocket Hands

My favorite when these hit.
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Seiko Monster SRPG57 Review

Why did I get this watch? Am I a huge fan of the Monster? Not exactly. Did I feel like I needed a Seiko diver? Not particularly. The reason I got this...
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Requested Wrist Shots, OF COURSE

Shoot you don鈥檛 have to ask me twice to post a wrist shot馃槀 Here鈥檚 my lovely Happy Feet watch on my 6 3/4 inch wrist in different lighting situations....
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