5600 series

First solar square G-shock 馃槉
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SOTC - Solar/Solar GPS Box

I put this 5 Seiko, 5 Citizen collection together over about 10 years.
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Thrift score

Got that Citizen for 70 bucks and the Casio for 6 today. The Casio could use some polywatch, but it's still so cool. The Citizen was a big swing for m...
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Kitchen Watch: Do you have a favorite designated?

I'd like to know from all of you foodies out there (you know who you are) if you have a favorite or designated kitchen watch? My kitchen watches have...
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Citizen BT0080 Review

An affordable versatile watch that you can set it and forget it. The perfect use case for solar technology and the perpetual calendar complication. Si...
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Designated dog-walking watches

I always make sure to throw on a solar piece whenever I am taking the pup out for her business.
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Couple Seiko鈥檚 鈻笍馃敳

Simple 鈻笍馃敳 dress watches 馃槑
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Sweeping Quartz

For the most part I am a mechanical snob. Ther is just something about the tickets of the seconds hand that turns me off. That said the VH31 sweeping...
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Lum Tec Vortex D5 Solar

Whew... I was saving this one for the last month when I received the watch back after being serviced.. Allow me to explain... Well, i purchased this w...
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Bering Watches?

Does anyone know anything about Bering Watches? Looking for an everyday solar watch thats well made and works well that wont break the bank. Thanks fo...
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