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Orient Bambino

I had my 21st birthday in August and now I have got my 21st Birthday present. An Orient Bambino. So happy to add another wristwatch to my collection.
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Deathkeeper ·

Should i buy Orient open heart automatic

Hello guys I am looking forward to buy a new watch the only one i own rn is a smart watch and I really like Orient open heart automatic. It has a sapp...
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mskmagican ·

First impressions of the Orient Ray II

Got this bad boy yesterday but I only got to play with it this morning. My first thoughts were how great looking the watch is for the price and I can...
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Max222 ·

New Milestone = New Watch (College Student)

Very excited, I have just purchased a San Martin BB36 Green Dial and I am extremely excited to receive it. I buy watches for milestones (currently a c...
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DLove61 ·

New purchases, now vintage.

Just a quick question. How many of you have watches that you purchased new that are now considered vintage? I do not mean a watch you inherited or pur...
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Unholy ·

Classic Dresswatch below 300$

happy sunday watchcrunch. first of all what do you think of a dresswatch? is it necessary to own at least one? personally i think we all should have o...
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MinnKonaMike ·

Caught a lucky picture!!!

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Stevegrayson ·

Invicta vs orient

Invicta pro diver vs orient mako 2 ...which one should I buy?
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joshuak ·

Orient Bambino - Is It Okay To Let Sit for 3 Months?

So I've purchased a Bambino for my father (as his Christmas gift this year). Found a great deal on Jomashop, but my question is will letting the watch...
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Edykhemod ·

Orient Kamasu x Seiko SKX009

Which one do you like better? Specification wise, the Kamasu wins. Feel and look more expensive than it's price range, better movement with second hac...
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