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Justgasitbro ·

Straps and bracelet recommendations?

I have absolutely no knowledge on where to get quality bands and straps for my Bambino (21mm lug width). I would appreciate any recommendations, thank...
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JaimeMadeira ·

Magic Wrists — my Orient Mako II on timegrapher

Hardly the most scientific of tests — COSC don’t test with a Sony headset wired mic plugged into a lightning port, poked under a strap, plugged into a...
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mooseclappin11 ·


I've become addicted to good lume on watches. At this point, I don't ever see myself getting a watch that doesn't have some form of lume or backlight...
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jcwatch ·

Ostrich Leg Strap Just arrived!

Just received my ostrich leg strap from my nephew in Taiwan. Sorry for the ad in the photo. He's a real craftsman with all types of leathers and skins...
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SteveJacare ·

Orient triton

Orient triton on this cold Tuesday!
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Endymion87 ·

At last: the Orient Bambino v2 is here!

It was supposed to be a gift for my birthday from my wife... But when it arrived, the first time it was ordered, the box was damaged and I preferred i...
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TwiceTollingClock ·

If you were a neophyte collector considering these brands, which would be your top pick?

I will eventually purchase other brands, but these 4 brands seem the most appealing to me, based on the stuff I've been reading lately. 🙂
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SteveJacare ·

M force

Orient m force for this Friday
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Robinwatch ·

help for a futur purchase

Hi everyone, I have a tiny budget of 200€ for a next watch. I search an automatic watch under 40mm diameter. I tend to buy on the grey market so if yo...
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Uhrologe ·

Japans obsession into German coats of arms in their Logos

Hello fellows, Disclaimer: what follows is my personal subjective (unpopular) opinion. It will be a (constructive) criticism of the Japanese watch ind...
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