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Hands on with the Minase X Fratello M-3

I recently had the chance to go hands-on with this purple, Zaratsu-polished threat for your wallet. a good friend of mine has purchased it at the end...

MINASE锝淎n amazing Japanese watch brand that is now attracting attention from overseas

New Video : Today's video is about Minase, for which we have received many requests so far. Minase is a watch brand that is currently attracting a gre...

A Japanese brand you've probably never heard of Minase

I came across this brand at the recent Wind Uo Watch Fair here San Francisco and they really left an impression on me. Have you heard of Minase? Let m...

Minase Watches

I just learned about this watch company and have no idea why it took so long. Minase makes fewer than 500 pieces a year and uses artisanal techniques...