IncredibleThor ·

Christmas Came Early - Seiko SNXJ89

I’d been on the hunt for a Seiko SNXJ89 for a while. I think it has the best looking case of the 5s and due to its lug to lug length it should wear a...
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JHellberg ·


I started this hobby ( seriously ) late 2018. The SKX was still available and I did buy one, but allways felt that it no longer was the best bang for...
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danGOu ·

Seiko 5 SRPD differences?

Hey guys! Can anyone help me find the differences between these two models? I can’t seem to find anything else besides where they were made. Thanks a...
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Fatehwatch ·

Not so daily beater.

My first Seiko 5 sports gifted to me by a friend. I'm new to the site so thought I'd start off my first post with my first automatic watch I've receiv...
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JMD620 ·

Might be fake? Drunk purchase…

Got it cheap on eBay as I thought it was cool, arabic date on it. Factor in ordered thanksgiving day while slightly drunk. Seems to be a few things wr...
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NunoRolo ·

Seiko SNKD99 to replace the “electric” Swatch?

I recently decided not to use my old Quartz watches anymore, after the batteries get empty. In present times, with so big concerns about the use of fo...
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Dulche ·

What do you guys think of this Uncle Seiko mod?

I was checking the Uncle Seiko site for some straps for my turtle and I saw that they’re going to be releasing this mod. I love it. What do you guys t...
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Cosme44 ·

My new Seiko SNK805 has just arrived

I've been looking for this watch for several months, prices have gone up in EU (if you can find a good one) I bought this from Chrono24 for 102€ + 43€...
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Pauly711 ·

New workhorse - Seiko 5 (SNK371)

Added a new watch to my amateur collection to be my daily work horse. Apart from the uncomfortable strap, everything seems awesome. I might switch the...
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Anuragvitta ·

Seiko 5 accuracy over a week

Hey fam, was testing my seiko 5 SRPD63K1 for accuracy over a weekend, results were suprising to say the least, performed much better than i ever antic...
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