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borger ·

Conflicted about my Seiko 5 Sports

I recently got a Seiko 5 sports srpd71. I was really excited to get it, because I got a really good deal on it off eBay, I like the look, and I could...
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feel_the_hit ·

Seiko SUR449P1

Anybody has the Seiko SUR449P1 quartz watch? Looking for some reviews.
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hbein2022 ·

Seiko SRPD73K2 Review

This is my first SRPD, even though I already own an SRPE53 and an SRPG27, as well as other dive watches with NH35 movements. So I figured, I might own...
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TonyXXX ·

Birth year watch 1964 Seiko Sportsmatic 5

I finally decided and pulled the trigger on this beautiful vintage Seiko after spending weeks searching the web, watch platforms and of course eBay. I...
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Max ·

Why I Still Love Seiko

Yes Seiko has in some ways lost it's status as the king of value in the past couple years, their bracelets suck, their movements are meh, their move u...
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Max ·

My Love Letter to Budget Seikos 🥰

Hello crunchers! Here's this week's video on my 2 fav Seikos. We can spend all day focusing on Seikos problems, or we can just enjoy these budget star...
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thewatchchannel ·

Watch Review of the Seiko 5 Sports - SRPG41K

Hi there everyone, I hope that you are all well? I just found this site via an ad on my Youtube channel & thought I would join & see what's go...
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hakki501 ·

Gorgeous, Day and Night

"That's all I have to say about that." - Forrest Gump
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watchchick132 ·

Seiko 5 Black 40mm Dial Two Tone

I ❤️ how warm this looks.
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hakki501 ·

Hala Madrid!

Real Madrid have been crowned La Liga Champions for the 2021-2022 season! It's Los Blancos' 35th time to win the league, and this one was dominantly t...
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