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Guvnor64 ·

Benson Pocket Watch

Sadly my mum passed recently,at the age of ninety one. Whilst sorting stuff out I have come across my father's pocket watch, long missing, which had b...
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justimeout ·

My attempt at answering "why are you obsessed with watches?"

Made a short video with my grandfather's 1962 Omega Constellation De Luxe juxtaposed to my modern De Ville Prestige. Giving my answer to the age old q...
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GullibleAndroid ·

How Did We Get Here??

Since the "About" portion of WC profiles doesn't really facilitate a narrative format, I thought I'd highlight my "watch journey" so far in an actual...
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SriramStark ·

New collection all strap

All my budget watch collection, no more watch for next 6 months
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Neilbarret ·

I use to "Pause" movies to identify the watch the actor is wearing!

I have to confess! Is really hard for me to watch a movie without pressing the pause button to see what watch the actor is wearing hahahaha... And I d...
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mad4watches ·


I love taking pics of this watch 🤩 Oh, and a not so subtle reminder to use code mad75 when buying your HAIM watch ❤ 🙏
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Mistermac ·

State of the collection

Here is the state of my collection. Had to put my Eco drives and solars on the windowsill to charge and need to organize them. I have had some of thes...
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Luke_Andre ·

First Post / Introduction

Hey everybody! My name is Luke and I am a college student in West TN. I have been 'collecting' watches since late elementary school, but still know al...
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JDC1964 ·


Happy Saturday! How many of you have sub-collections within your main collection? This could be by brand (e.g., a handful of Seiko) or by function (e....
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