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Circula Divesport Titanium 500m Review

I discovered Circula at the London microbrand event in London last September. They had been on my radar but after trying on several of their watches a...

Circula Divesport Titanium Petrol Dial

4.8 Avg. Score

The Gasworks Appreciation Society part 2!

It's been a little while since I posted on the subject of my good friend Gareth @GasWorks and his tremendous work around restoring vintage seikos and...

Spinnaker 50 Phantoms Blue

After a conversation with another enthusiast whilst on holiday I have made an impulse order for the blue version of the 50 Phantoms. At least as far I...

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commented on D) Seiko ·

Just caught up with this thread. If I posted all my little donkeys bought from Gareth it would crash the system!

Loud movements hasn't bothered me.....I must be a bit mutton!?

( deaf...for our American readers)

commented on 1969 SEIKO Bellmatic 4006 6010 😀 ·

Every enthusiast should have a bellmatic!

commented on 1969 SEIKO Bellmatic 4006 6010 😀 ·

A lovely watch! I have one but it doesn't have your linen dial...

commented on Tudor Pelagos FXD: a review of all time ·

Love your FXD. I have the full fat pelagos with the black dial hence I'm after the MN FXD. Hoping yo get one at some point this year.

The FXD is the watch Bond should be wearing today.

commented on Nivada Grenchen and Operation Deep Freeze: Clearing the Air ·

This is a brilliant post and many thanks for the research.

I first came across Nivada a year or so ago and I'm very interested in purchasing a super antarctic and also a green dial version of their depth master dive watch.

Something about their designs really appeals to me.

I can't say I'm surprised that their adverts and history may be somewhat vague in their historical accuracy. In the same way that Smiths and Rolex have been guilty of " guilding the lily" or just plain lying!

It won't stop me buying a nivada but it makes for very interesting reading and just adds to the fun!

Great post! Best I've read for a while!

commented on D) Seiko ·

Without sounding too pretentious it has good wrist presence for a modestly sized watch. The case shape definitely called to me. Plus Gareth applied some non original lume which makes it unusual compared to my other older seikos.

Your new piece is a lovely shade of blue. I do love the actus line.

commented on D) Seiko ·

That actus is lovely indeed! I had my eye on it so you inadvertently saved me a few quid probably.

Now you have one it's a slippery slope....there are more varieties of vintage seiko than there are stars in the sky.

I'm wearing a #@GasWorks number today by coincidence and its another SS Actus...


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