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New diver choice? One or the other or both?

I'm the proud owner of a teal Kamasu. Still on its standard bracelet ( I know). Had it just on a year, wear it a lot and it keeps great time and attra...
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My son's digital watch birthday present finally chosen and he loves it!

A while ago I posted asking for help in choosing a digital watch as a present for my sons seventeenth birthday. I received a huge number of ideas and...
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Operation Mincemeat...the man who never was wore the watch that no one knows?

I've just finished the book " Operation Mincemeat" by Ben Macintyre which describes the astounding true story of the most audacious and successful dec...
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Guvnor64 commented on Scratching the Explorer itch! ·

Very nice indeed! New to me.

Guvnor64 commented on Scratching the Explorer itch! ·

I couldn't and still can't decide between the adventure and the ocean vintage military as my first steinhart. Very different I know bit I'm a fan of both!

Guvnor64 commented on Shall we make sweet... watch together? ·

What can possibly go wrong?

Guvnor64 commented on Project Build a Camel Round 3b - Live & Let Dial ·

The white appeals to me slightly more than the blue but they appear to be in a dead heat so far!

Guvnor64 commented on Citizen Pain ·

The Gasworks Factory! He keeps on delivering the goods!

Guvnor64 commented on Scratching the Explorer itch! ·

I have looked at some of the alternatives mentioned here over the last few months to scratch what sounds like a similar itch to yours?

Oddly enough I found nothing to edge out that Steinhart. The Trasker is pretty good, as is that islander collaboration but my order of preference stayed the same. The adventure wins IMHO?

Guvnor64 commented on 8-Bit Brew with My Childhood Console ·

Pictures look great as foes the watch! I remember 8 bit gaming very well!

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Guvnor64 ·

Digital watch birthday present for son?

My son turns seventeen in September. Since my watch collecting became a thing last year I have been trying unsuccesfully so far to get him interested...
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Rolex Authorised Dealers (lack of) new customer service?

I'm a recent collector with only relatively budget purchases so far. But that doesn't stop me dreaming of buying something higher end in the future. I...
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Guvnor64 ·

When is Big too BIG!?

So an unexpected and very welcome father's day present! My observant wife had noted my recent interest in the Timex Expedition Grid Shock so suggested...
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Guvnor64 ·

Amphibia Force Barcelona. Any good?

So now is not a good time to be ordering Vostok Amphibias and Komanderski from Russia for obvious reasons. The obvious one is the ethics of buying fro...
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Guvnor64 ·

Divex Watches....a little known uber beater?

I was listening to an old 40 and 20 podcast discussing in passing the Divex Professional 200 divewatch and just how good it was. So I did some digging...
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Guvnor64 ·

Gifted Swatch?

I had a skeleton swatch when they first were a thing (around 1985?).I wore it in uniform as a young Police Officer in the London Metroplitan Police mu...
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Old Skyhawk revived!

In about 2004 I purchased a Citizen eco drive Skyhawk in an airport duty free somewhere in the far east. I had no knowledge of watches or movements at...
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