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Lesson learned

So this past couple weeks my gf and I have been going through a lot and are in the process of a break up ok.. so this past weekend I wasn't home and s...
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S.o.t.c. coming soon

I've been at a crossroads for many weeks sell some of the collection and bring in some fresh pieces and keep moving forward on the watch journ...
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20 microns of pure bliss

Got this a few years ago as my first gold ish watch..still runs great but its a pain to change the quick set on this one..I think this is fro...
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Stevieb commented on Seiko Alpinist Alternative ·

It is a nice looking watch though

Stevieb commented on Seiko Alpinist Alternative ·

Dunno..I don't need a 600 hp vehicle but I'll sure as hell drive one lol.. I'm a dude I'm all about the specs

Stevieb commented on Seiko Alpinist Alternative ·

One things about the alpinist is the 200m depth rating..I not sure what this has

Stevieb commented on Seiko Alpinist Alternative ·

Call 1888 powermatic for further details..

Stevieb commented on Buy or not and what is good price 😬….please help ! ·

I wouldnt touch that with 39 1/2 foot pole ...

Stevieb commented on Lesson learned ·

Ikr..she knew what she was doing lol..good to laugh about it now but it was a close call

Stevieb commented on Lesson learned ·

Thank you sir!

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Anybody have any watches currently in the mail and on the way??..just curious to see what everyone is collecting these days..anyways enjoy your night...
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B day gift to myself this year

Picked this up for the b day old military style watches!. The brushing on the case is commercial but very distinct, the online photos co...
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Nerding out

Bought some vintage watch adverts for my first vintage watch I bought a few years ago..they are from the 40s and are an excellent compliment to a watc...
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Late nite snap shots

Went out tonite for the gf Brothers b day..she gave him an Invicta and he loved it..even though I'm no Invicta fan it was still great to see the expre...
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Picked it up for the wife.

Been on this 90s I'm getting the wife in on the fun as well..anybody else get there wives or significant other a new watch recently
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Ice skating tonight!!

Going skating around the tree tonight!!..going with the old nivada
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Lost and found

Found her in the watch drawer tucked away..ever forget u had a piece and find it years later? Any crazy stories out there?
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