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How do you pay for your watches? (Method)

So, I was checking out with my new Oris Big Crown and the staff person asked me “cash or card”, which I suppose for an Oris isn’t that crazy . . . But it got me thinking are people coming in with a su...
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New acquisition strategy: Blame Watch Crunch!

So, this actually seems to sort of work? Involving my wife in my forum scrolling. “My watch forums said that I needed _______ b/c _____. I mean compar...

Casual strap suggestions for bronze watch?

While I like the leather well enough for the Big Crown and would likely wear it to work, I’m also looking for something that is less formal. For folks...

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commented on Could the Grand Seiko SBGW manual wind be a daily wear / GADA watch? ·

Depends on lifestyle though? If you never swim then 50atm is more than enough.

commented on If you were going to buy a pre-owned watch, where would you buy one from? ·

I’ve always had good experiences with Chrono and of course a lot of reputable gray dealers and professional sellers use them, so you can always do some research about who is actually behind a post. As with anything on the internet just do your homework and use common sense and you’ll be fine.

commented on Disappointing watches ·

This might be the most common mistake in watches. It's SO hard to avoid going through the phase of wanting a Speedy . . . even if you know it's just not your thing.

commented on How do you pay for your watches? (Method) ·

And here my commoner ass is hoarding $2 bills 😂

commented on If you have the money to buy just one of the Holy Trinity Steel Sport, which would buy? ·

None really . . . The Nautilus will always remind me of my ridiculous Silicon Valley high school and how a friend got this watch as a graduation gift. I’d probably go for a Lange. All of the choices above just don’t interest me on a design level.

commented on How do you dress down a watch? ·

Careful, once you start doing the math on what is vintage or not you start to look at yourself in the mirror and say “Shit, how did that happen?” 😂 At this pt, the 80s are quickly becoming vintage.

commented on My first Omega: the Seamaster Railmaster ·

This one is great and was considering it but felt a bit too chunky on my 16cm wrists. Love that blue dial though. There’s a very rare 36mm railmaster that I’d pull the trigger on if it ever comes up.

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This or That? Casual Everyday Watch . . .

WR not super crucial to me but looking for a casual piece that flies under the radar mostly and is reliable. The Omega obviously is built like a tank here, but the Oris has a 10 yr warranty/service in...
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How about this for some whiplash?

Just thought I’d share this amusing pairing. But this got me thinking: What is the weirdest watch that you’ve tried to sell? Were you successful or is...

Wife is very aquatic and is looking for a swim watch with some versatility (no trad divers)

Suggestions? She has a very small wrist (~15 - 15.5cm) and probably would want to avoid traditional divers with a bezel, although the Oris Diver 65 38...

"I would never pay $$$$ for THAT brand!": Pricing Pigeonholing/Stereotypes

I've been thinking about this issue for a while now . . . this has happened with other brands, but I think what really made me notice certain comments...

This or That? Neo-Vintage Edition: Zenith Chronomaster Moonphase vs. Speedy Pro-Moonphase

The search for a chrono and a moonphase continues. Of course these don't have to be the same watch, but why not kill two birds with one stone. Looking at some variants of the Speedy Moonphases (like t...
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