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Aliexpress shipping is nerve wracking.

Before I swore off watches for a year I bought a "Moranbong" or to be more precise a Chinese knockoff of a Moranbong. These sell in the Tourist Shops...

They keep dragging me back in!

It was my 59th birthday on the tenth and I promised myself NO new watches for the next year. So my brother of course gave me a box of watches he didn'...

Just gonna be digital for a while

Wearing my new G-Shock. It鈥檚 nice for once to wear watch you don鈥檛 have to worry about smacking into anything. I can鈥檛 quite believe it. I just had a...

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commented on Crazy_Dana's WRUW

I鈥檝e been wearing it all day now, and I find it depressing. I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever found a watch depressing before.

commented on Crazy_Dana's WRUW

I doubt that. You know as well as I do no one ever notices your watches.

commented on Two months into the new year, how many of you, like me, have failed to keep your watch purchasing resolutions?

I started mine on February 10th. So I'm doing fine so far.

commented on Bulova, my unpopular opinion

Seeing the Tuning Fork logo on a conventional watch just makes me sad.

commented on NWA馃毃 should you have a watch that reflects your personality and heritage?馃嚤馃嚙

I shudder to think what a watch that accurately represents my personality and heritage would look like.

commented on Incoming personal grail watch! Not sure if others would think of it as a grail but I love 鈥渙ff the beaten path鈥 watches

Anything looks good with a blue dial!

commented on Moranbong. (I'm serious)

Seen a few real ones pop up on Aliexpress. I mean back off photos. I can't do $400 for one though. Looks like somebody bought it.

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Moranbong. (I'm serious)

Tried to find a real Moranbong to add to my collection of Communist watches, but real ones are all $300-$400. And for a questionably made, probably ba...

I just want to say thank you to everybody.

Like a huge idiot I went and stuck my head into Facebook today and remembered why I don鈥檛 stick my head into Facebook. I want to thank this community...

The start of my new collection! (Yes I'm still keeping the old one)

After years of collecting all sorts of junk, I've decided to dedicate myself to one SPECIFIC type of junk! I literally can't afford this hobby anymore...

I must be out of my mind.

I just paid 30 bucks to a guy in Moldova for an old Soviet (Zim) watch bracelet. I am seriously nuts.......... But I'm sure he is happy. I love this p...

A REAL fake!

I KNEW this was fake when I bought it. I got it as a novelty mostly. This is a watch I stopped wearing when the war started. Its an incredibly blatent...

Wow, in two days. (adventures of a broke watch collector)

Last year I made a new years resolution to buy no new watches in 2023. I bought eight. This year I promised it again. I made it two days. Hey at least...