How do you set your watch down at night?

Today I was reading this article on the subject and this paragraph got me wondering:

When talking about how to lay a watch down overnight, many people mention the difference between watches on bracelets and straps. With a strap, there鈥檚 not much risk of scratching your case back, simply because the strap鈥檚 material often isn鈥檛 hard enough to do so. A bracelet, however, could damage your watch鈥檚 case back, especially if laid down flat on a table, for instance. Therefore, it鈥檚 better to lay the watch on its side or close it around a cushion to protect the case back. Alternatively, a watch stand could be a good solution to help avoid this kind of damage to your watch.

I've been setting down my watches pretty much my whole life with the watch head on top of the bracelet (admittedly until recently none of them were "luxury") and I never thought much about the risk of scratches that the bracelet might inflict on the watch back. I get that can definitely happen, but it seems like a tad too much to have to baby any watch so much.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Did someone encounter significant scratches because of doing things like me?


All watches I use are in watch boxes in my bedroom. I take it off and in the box it goes. Also never lay a watch on it's crown. A big no no.


Autos go on the winder when not in use. Otherwise dial or crown up.

I don't baby my watches but if on a bracelet I useally lay the watch on its side, crown side up.

My Pelagos 39 case back is a scratch magnet, the stainless case back gets marred up at the slightest touch of the Ti clasp.

Most of the time it's dial up if not in a watch box

One is dangling from my lamp facing the window. (solar) The rest are simply in watch boxes on my nightstand.

I'm careful but if the back does get scratched, so what?

Back in the watch box, no guarantee it will be the one I want to wear the next day.

I don't own luxury watches, but I do have a mini Timex museum in my office, so when not on my wrist they are in display boxes for when I give imaginary tours to imaginary people. lol. If I did own a luxury watch I would put it in a winder or box and never lay down on the crown side.

I put a small piece of microfiber cloth between the case back and the bracelet.. Dial up all the time

Your tour will commence in five minutes. Enjoy the Timex Experience!


It's a watch. It lies on my drawers. I don't give a monkeys about caseback scratches. People who are concerned about that are probably the same people who worry about scratches to the inside of the lugs. Not my thing