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Are GMTs overrated?

For quite some time I’d wanted a GMT. There’s something romantic about the image of jet-setting around with a watch like that. I like to think my best...

If One of You Doesn’t…

If one of you doesn’t buy this Hublot that features the likeness of Omar Bongo, president of Gabon…well I don’t know what I’ll do but you won’t like i...

Anybody get it yet?


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commented on Bright phones ·

I feel like keeping your reflection out of the shot is one of the hardest things about taking a watch pic.

commented on Is it ok to wear it like this? ·

I can’t see that it will damage the watch, but I’d watch your spring bars. I think they might be more likely to pop out with the pressure of a strap on them like that.

commented on New metal G-Shock release ·

The “regular” version of this is $580, so I’m guessing this is at least $3000. Which is a shame, because it looks really good.

commented on “Exit Watch”…is there such a thing? ·

I don’t think there’s any such thing, only people who decide they can be satisfied with one watch.

commented on Need your opinion on this watch 🟢 ·

Man, those big ass lugs have always bothered me. Were I to get a Sub it would definitely be an older model.

commented on EDC for the day… ·

Looks like you’re ready for whatever comes along today.

commented on How many more watches till you are "done"? ·


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Remember the time…

…all the YouTubers breathlessly exclaimed the used Rolex market had crashed? While prices have dipped a little, I’ve been waiting for the true market...

Why Not Us?

So I came across this article about watch enthusiasts and the watch industry. It talked about, among other things, how groups of enthusiasts are getti...


Specificity noun the quality of belonging or relating uniquely to a particular subject. So I’ve been giving some thought to watches and specificity, b...

Congrats WC!

You showed up in my Flipboard feed. Seems like a big deal to me, I don’t follow EatchCrunch on there. Good job people. EDIT: Thanks for not asking wha...

Help Me Fulfill a Life-long Ambition!

It’s a travesty that I don’t have the Hublot badge.  its a slightly smaller trashed that you probably don’t either.  So let’s help each other out by p...

New Rolex Facility

So I don‘t usually post news stuff, I’m always sure somebody’s already brought it up. So if that’s the case…woops. Anyway, looks like Rolex is doing u...

Rolex Is Reportedly Building A New $1.5 Billion Factory So You Can Get Off The Wait List