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Help Me Fulfill a Life-long Ambition!

It’s a travesty that I don’t have the Hublot badge. its a slightly smaller trashed that you probably don’t either. So let’s help each other out by pos...
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New Rolex Facility

So I don‘t usually post news stuff, I’m always sure somebody’s already brought it up. So if that’s the case…woops. Anyway, looks like Rolex is doing u...

Rolex Is Reportedly Building A New $1.5 Billion Factory So You Can Get Off The Wait List
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Iceland: a long, meandering watch story. Kind of.

As a few of you may have gathered, I recently spent some time in Iceland. And as I’m a watch nerd, I have some watch-related things to share. First, t...
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thekris commented on Here we go … 1st post ·

Welcome to WC, glad you decided to speak up. I don’t have any ideas off the top of my head, but I’ll give it some thought. And I suspect you’re about to get a ton of recommendations, this place is great for that. Cheers.

thekris commented on Lucerne Digital Jump Hour review ·

It’s quirky as hell, and I love it.

thekris commented on Which one would you choose? ·

Those are all great choices, you really can’t go wrong.

thekris commented on Lucerne Digital Jump Hour review ·

I rate both the watch and your review 10/10.

thekris commented on Welcome everybody ! ·

Welcome to WC.

thekris commented on Promotion! ·

It’s not a style I love, but for some reason this watch does it for me.

thekris commented on Rolex Submariner ·

The reason Rolex doesn’t change their watches much is that they’re almost perfect already. It does exactly what it’s supposed to, and looks good doing it. As for “boring”, I suspect your cousin isn’t who Rolex is looking for. If he wants something more “interesting”, there are plenty of orange divers out there. I would say it’s not boring, it’s a classic.

It’s a classic for a reason, there’s not much more to say.

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I'm looking for a watch...

...for my son, who is 6. He's been wearing the Swatch pictured above for 6 months now and loves it. The thing is, he keeps looking at my watches and s...
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Mixed Feelings...a Meandering Watch Review

I don't usually feel I have anything to say about a watch that hasn't already been said by 94 Youtubers, so I don't write reviews. Obviously, somethin...

Citizen NJ0150-81Z

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Happy Anniversary!

A while back I posted about wanting to get a pair of Cartier Tanks for the Mrs. and I for our anniversary. After a fruitless search for Solarbeat watc...
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Is the Solarbeat Discontinued?

Talked to a Cartier AD today, and he said they had discontinued the Solarbeat. Wondering if anyone has any information to confirm or refute that. It w...
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The Apple Watch isn't a watch.

This isn't a post to bash the Apple Watch. It isn't a post about how the Apple Watch is soulless or boring. It's not a post telling anyone they should...
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Cartier Advice

So instead of buying myself a BB 58 or something else fun, I've decided to finally be a semi-thoughtful husband and get my wife a watch for our annive...
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A Leap of Faith.

I've been inspired by a post by @Deeperblue , which can be found here (
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