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thekris ·

Mixed Feelings...a Meandering Watch Review

I don't usually feel I have anything to say about a watch that hasn't already been said by 94 Youtubers, so I don't write reviews. Obviously, somethin...
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thekris ·

Happy Anniversary!

A while back I posted about wanting to get a pair of Cartier Tanks for the Mrs. and I for our anniversary. After a fruitless search for Solarbeat watc...
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thekris ·

Is the Solarbeat Discontinued?

Talked to a Cartier AD today, and he said they had discontinued the Solarbeat. Wondering if anyone has any information to confirm or refute that. It w...
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thekris commented on Week on the Wrist - A Santos de Cartier Medium in Paris ·

This is the only watch thing I’m into online and almost the only social media is. What exactly are people on Reddit on about?  Like what was there about your story that anyone would have a problem with?

thekris commented on So.. I got my boy G-Shocks ·
thekris commented on Panda and Evil (Reverse) Panda Dials ·

I prefer "misunderstood panda".

thekris commented on SOTC - My watches and why I have them ·

Welcome, I love to hear how and why people got their watches.  Thanks for sharing.

thekris commented on Week on the Wrist - A Santos de Cartier Medium in Paris ·

This is everything watch collecting and ownership is, or should be about.  I can't think of a better pairing than anything by Cartier and Paris.

thekris commented on Watches at Costco ·

I sometimes wonder if they aren't just seeing how far they can go before the rest of us get the joke.  But mostly I think they're deadly serious about this stuff.

Also, I'm impressed you managed to keep the vomit in your mouth, I was not so lucky.

thekris commented on Good old days and female watch models :) ·

My current favorite lady's watch.  I was close to buying it in the spring, but other things got in the way.  I have a feeling there will always be something else I buy first, but I'd wear this one, tiny and girly colored though it may be.


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thekris ·

The Apple Watch isn't a watch.

This isn't a post to bash the Apple Watch. It isn't a post about how the Apple Watch is soulless or boring. It's not a post telling anyone they should...
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thekris ·

Cartier Advice

So instead of buying myself a BB 58 or something else fun, I've decided to finally be a semi-thoughtful husband and get my wife a watch for our annive...
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thekris ·

A Leap of Faith.

I've been inspired by a post by @Deeperblue , which can be found here (
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thekris ·

**** you Tudor

Why do you have to ruin my life? Oh sure, things started off innocently enough. You were so attentive, asking me what I might like. To which I replied...
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thekris ·

Happy Birthday America!

I'm not a "my country is always right" kind of person, but man I do love the 4th of July. The way I figure it, all Americans should love today. Also,...
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thekris ·

1WC Thoughts on week 3

Steady as she goes. I can't say I did anything interesting this week, and my thoughts on the whole deal haven't changed much. I will say, I'm starting...
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thekris ·

Should people be forced to shave their wrists before posting watch pictures on Watchcrunch?

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