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Another citizen bargain

2nd new watch bought this holiday,both citizen,both blue and both from the same outlet,this one was on sale this week,$260

Holiday watch purchased

I new I was coming to the US for my holidays so I wanted a watch as a momento so I spent ages looking which watch to buy ,first it was the magnum pi (...

Top watch earners

Just found this ,their must be a lot of disposable income floating around

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commented on Rolex Explorer 224270

Stunning choice,love the blue dial

commented on Grail watch, bad timing

I'm sure your AD will get back to you and you proved your not a flipper

commented on Crown down?

Does it really matter when you're taking photos of your watch how it's placed ,the only time it matters if you're leaving it for a while as different elevations can alter the accuracy of automatics

commented on NWA: Swatch x Omega Mission to Moonphase Snoopy

Not your fault

commented on Vacation watches

On vacation now only brought 1 watch as the villa doesn't have a safe ,did buy this little beauty

commented on Does your wife or partner steal your watches?

My wife tends to borrow mine when hers are getting serviced , luckily she can only borrow ones on NATO and rubber straps as the bracelets don't go that small

commented on Mike_Oris's WRUW

Congrats and a short wait

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Help required

I'm old enough to have watched the original series of magnum pi and always like his watch ,I'm flying to Orlando for a holiday in a few weeks and woul...

Cup of tea time

Last day before I rotate it

Great day out

Had a great time trying different watches on. I'm lucky as there are a lot of AD not far from my house

Next year's 60th birthday watch

I have started to look around for my 60th birthday present for next year and have added this to the long list ,I haven't seen any on here. It's the Om...

Update on WR

To all who commented on my original post here is the update,the watch survived 15 mins swimming in the pool and the NATO strap I cut up and stitched o...

Water resistant or not

Going on holiday tomorrow so I will be spending time in the swimming pool,thing is do I trust the stated water resistant,it's only a month old so shou...