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Hi , hope everyone is well.

I haven't been on social media of any form much recently so just wanted to say hi to my friends on Watch Crunch. Also I have an immaculate Sinn 857 UT...

New app !

Hi people, I hope you're all really well. Can anyone explain to me what the app is all about? How is it an improvement and does it do anything differe...

Now I like the Zenith Chronomaster but !

Yeah never going to happen, I will not be spending nearly 8 grand on a watch any time soon.Not even a #zenith Though I may spring for 169 quid and get...

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commented on Neptune on a Nato (Hi I’m new here!) ·

Absolutely welcome indeed.👍👌

commented on Which aftermarket bracelet to get for my 21mm Orient Star Outdoor ·

Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been on the app in a while.

I have decided on which I will get and I'm going with the ladder option because it's so different from anything else I have got and I think it will really suit this watch well.

commented on Straight End Links vs Curved End Links ·

Straight, I am a bloody savage 😆

commented on Oris Propilot Big Crown Big Date ·

Though I love this watch , It's not getting the wear it should as I seem to favour my Sinn 556 over everything else ATM so it is for sale if anyone is interested. Just message me and we can discuss.

commented on #WRUW ·

Mine is available for sale 👍

commented on Field watch style: white seconds hand or red seconds hand? ·

Red for me.

commented on Hi , hope everyone is well. ·

Thankyou 🙏

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Which one of these 4 dials is your favourite?

I have just bought a watch on pre order from New Zealand microbrand Draken but wonder which of the choices you guys like!
121 votes ·

Which aftermarket bracelet to get for my 21mm Orient Star Outdoor

I love my Orient Star on this leather strap but feel I would like a bracelet option for it and something slightly left field, vintage or retro. All these are from the Forstner strap company which seem...
58 votes ·

Senior Gen1 military watch

Hi Just a heads up to everyone who's interested in vintage military watch's and Seiko Gen1 in particular. A shop in Sheffield has recently sold a few...

Sherwood Kickstarter

Kickstarter https://www.watchcrunch.com/Glynn12.30/posts/kickstarter-3-26695 Just giving a shout out for @Glynn12.30 who has his Kickstarter project j...

Birmingham clock and watch fair meetup today.

Just want to give a short shout out to the great bunch of people we meet for the first time today in real (non WatchCrunch) life.  @Watchwitch  and my...