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Birmingham clock and watch fair meetup today.

Just want to give a short shout out to the great bunch of people we meet for the first time today in real (non WatchCrunch) life. @Watchwitch and myse...
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" SOTC" Update on my current crop of watch's

This is it though I have to confess to having just ordered a new one by accident from a company I use called Geckota , had a bit of a shop in their sa...
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Happy WRISTMAS Christmas presents馃巵

Well it's very nearly here. Who is hoping for a little bit of a watch based present for their gift on Christmas day? And what are you all hoping for....
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Droptuned83 commented on 1990 RAF issued Seiko chronograph

This is lovely , found a place locally who just had 5 examples in their store. Well he had them for 1 day and they were all snapped up. 拢750 a pop , but looking at some of the other seller's prices alot are over 1000 to 1250 pounds.

Any way he's trying to source some more and said he'd email me if and when he does. I really love this watch.

Droptuned83 commented on A rock and a hard place

No don't do that. Just keep it for a time. Wear it or don't, but just keep it. One day it'll bring you fond memories of your Dad. It may even grow on you 馃し I mean it probably won't but Hay you never know. I have a watch that my wife gifted me prior to us getting married and I never really liked it at all. Over the years it has come to grow on me and earn a place in my rotation. Though it is a little easier on the eye than your G shocker in the first place.

But if you only ever wear it when you go visit your Dad then so be it.

Droptuned83 commented on Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned...

A Fender or Gibson watch might be quite good.

Droptuned83 commented on Seiko Speedtimer

Nice watch and this is how an AD should treat it's customers. If it wasn't repeat business that is.!

I'm sure you'll remember their service standards and go back to them again in the future.馃憤

Droptuned83 commented on Rolex Submariner

I would imagine he means the way as a brand they like to manipulate the market and the reputation their AD have for treating customers. Just shoddy customer service really , not a nice brand to deal with or be associated with . Probably!

Droptuned83 commented on Looking for sinn service parts

Fantastic watch congratulations.

Droptuned83 commented on Omega - what would you like to see from the brand next?

Auto and Quartz

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Poppy proud of her Christmas present for her Dad

This is a Christmas present but Poppy allowed me to give it a check over before she wraps it up for Christmas day. I love the way this watch wears and...
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I want to buy a watch for my Dad Black dial or Cream?

Please can you the good people of the Watch Crunch give me some help in making a gift purchase decision. My Dad will be 83 next June and I would like to buy him an GADA watch , ordinarily I would just...
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Orient Star Outdoor automatic review

I saw this watch in a YouTube video by a gentleman who normally makes motorcycle films, Stuart Fillingham. I was unaware of the brand at that time tho...

Orient Star RE-AU0203B00B

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Thankyou Marc at Island Watch's.

I have been a fan of what Marc is doing at Island Watch's for some time now and have bought a piece for my other half (WatchWhitch) which really impre...
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Here is a picture of my little collection of watch's I hope you enjoy. They are all worn on a regular basis. Got one on the way from Mark at Long Isla...
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New watch day tomorrow ( hopefully!)

I watched a YouTube video the other day and discovered a watch witch I fell in love with instantly. Anyway I was knocked out with this particular piec...
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Area P1

This looks good to me. Anyone got one? And if so what's your thoughts on it? They seem to be a good quality built watch . With a good Sellita movement...
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