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8.00” / 20.32 cm Wrist
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Watchjourney 2024 Update

So the travelling watch is now on it's way to @FeebleWrists . I deliberately kept the stay in Aberdeen short, a change in job and personal commitments...

Watchmaker P*rn!

You know you are spending too much at the wholesaler when they send you their latest trade catalogue unannounced. My wife doesn't understand my deligh...

Retro Sci-fi

Well after my first successful and satisfying foray into the world of Skmei watches I thought it would be worth looking at their catalogue of watches....

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commented on Cream dial Red alpinist with brown leather strap. Yay or Nay? ·

Looks lovely. Dresses the watch down and focuses on the casual/field aesthetic. The Alpinist is a very versatile model depending on the strap/bracelet used with it.

commented on Watchjourney 2024 has arrived safely! ·

Enjoy the watch 😀 One of a kind!

commented on Watchjourney 2024 Update ·

Quite safe 😀Well put together watch.

commented on My first complete watchbox ·

Very nice. Baltic caught my eye straight away 👍

commented on Watches and Hobbies ! ·

Welcome to the SARB017 club 😀

commented on Building my custom watch ·

I've yet to receive a NH3X that wasn't running within tolerences from new.

commented on Building my custom watch ·

Glad I'm not the only one to spot the NH38. But then I thought about it and realised the reason could be the lack of ghost position.

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Biggest surprise of 2023

So I am going to completely blame @casiodean for this one. Never had an interest in G-Shocks due to the price, but saw this cheeky deal on AliExpress...

Muff Diver 🤪

Had to be done, I blame WatchCrunch! Pleasantly surprised by the quality. Will do a review after some wear and stick it under the macro lense for some...

When mods go wrong!

Quite a few modders here on WatchCrunch and I'm sure we've all had at least one "Doh" moment. Mines was when installing a not so cheap new dial to a N...

SOTC: 3 out, 1 in

3 watches leaving the collection. Pagani Design PD-1761 Men's 40MM 100M Waterproof Chronograph Japan VK63 Watch Just cannot live with the integrated b...

#watchjourney2023 N.E. of Scotland Leg

Thanks to Russ @Stracerwatches23 I am now the temporary but proud custodian of the Casio MRW. It has safely made it across the border and awaits the a...

Uncle Seiko Beads of Rice Bracelet for SARB017

Having always heard good things about Uncle Seiko I was surprised to have mixed feelings about the Beads of Rice bracelet I received from them. On the...