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"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas..."

An interesting thought popped in my mind about 2 weeks ago, while @Deeperblue was successfully running the inaugural WC Scavenger Hunt : "Instead of j...
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Remembering you, Dad.

As usual, it was a little after 5:00PM. On this particular afternoon, I had ground three different single origin specialty coffee beans, for our usual...
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Richarlison's Spectacular Scissors-Kick Goal at the World Cup...

... looks like which handset? A B C Vamos Selecao Brasil! 馃挭 How about you, which team are you rooting for this World Cup 2022? And, which watch/es wil...
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hakki501 commented on Tag Heuer misaligned chapterring

Legendary champions! The Carrera line is equally legendary. So, let's see what the Tag Heuer guys report.聽

hakki501 commented on One watch collection competition. All under 400. Episode 20. GRAND FINALE.

I'm guessing most of the ones who voted for the Hammy actually own one. hehehe... For me, neither. But congrats to the winner. 馃嵒

hakki501 commented on Poppy proud of her Christmas present for her Dad

Congrats and enjoy! 馃嵒

hakki501 commented on At dawn with the Canon G12 and the Dietrich SD-1

I agree with what @CitizenKale and @robwei have already said above. Just to add, you can also enhance your shots by using a simple mobile phone photo app (e.g. Snapseed, Lightroom, etc.).聽

hakki501 commented on Tag Heuer misaligned chapterring

Welcome again to WC, kaverini! I'm a fan of F1 and my all-time favorite drivers are Mika Hakkinen and Kimi Raikonnen. 馃槑

Re. the chapter ring, looking at it closely, it's also possible that the problem is not with the chapter ring, but with the placement of some of the applied hour indices.聽

hakki501 commented on IIcohow-wowyp duel 5: Sinn 556 I vs. Timex Marlin reissue

If it's only 1 watch, then the Sinn has a stronger use case across various situations. 馃槈聽

hakki501 commented on London Christmas Meetup Pictures!

Way to go, mates! Congrats @Deeperblue for putting that together. 馃嵒

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How Do I Love Thee?

"Let me count the ways. "I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of being and ideal...
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It's the SNXS7x Week!

From September 4-10, all Crunchers are invited to celebrate with us as we showcase this stunning Seiko 5 Series -- the SNXS7x . This beautiful collect...
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Seiko SNXS7x Week Coming!

Hey there SNXS7x Crunchers: @chrislang @djole_993 @Scooby @Chrissylines86 @Al_Ra_Ra and @GrieferWatch ! As of this writing, here are the current sugge...
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Celebrating the Seiko SNXS7x Series

Calling all Seiko SNXS7x Series Crunchers! Let's celebrate together our SNXS7x watches by showcasing these really cool and stunning timepieces. Here a...
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Weekly Photo Theme #4: Sunrise & Sunset

It's summer in the northern hemisphere. It's winter in the southern hemisphere. Regardless of geographical location, sunrises... and sunsets... ...can...
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Village Clockworks

Saw this in a resto, on the way home from my vacay. Does anyone have experience or knowledge about this clock manufacturer? In their long history (est...
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Weekly Photo Theme #2: On Vacation

As a good number of us have taken, or are taking their vacations, for sure your chronos went with you (however many you brought along). Show us your b...
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