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Weekly Photo Theme #4: Sunrise & Sunset

It's summer in the northern hemisphere. It's winter in the southern hemisphere. Regardless of geographical location, sunrises... and sunsets... ...can...
19 376

Village Clockworks

Saw this in a resto, on the way home from my vacay. Does anyone have experience or knowledge about this clock manufacturer? In their long history (est...
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Weekly Photo Theme #2: On Vacation

As a good number of us have taken, or are taking their vacations, for sure your chronos went with you (however many you brought along). Show us your b...
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hakki501 commented on What do you choose first, shirt/outfit or watch?

I answered A, I.e. Outfit. But then, when I look at my overall trend sinc June, especially during 1WC, twas the watch that dictated what I wore. This includes my just concluded beach vacay -- my diver chose the clothes I brought. 馃檭

hakki501 commented on Bracelet with open end links

Here's the link to the president bracelet I got.聽


hakki501 commented on Bracelet with open end links

Here's the link to the Jubilee


hakki501 commented on Bracelet with open end links

Oh by the way, I found a Jubilee bracelet that can wear both straight and curved end links, on a butterfly clasp.聽


My president bracelet is also on a butterfly clasp, and can do the same. 馃槈馃嵒

hakki501 commented on time themed songs

Another popular one in the 80s聽


hakki501 commented on Bracelet with open end links

I enjoy straight end links especially if with quick release spring bars...


End of the day, it's what you prefer that matters most. 馃嵒

hakki501 commented on New HTD Spaceboy Skin Diver. My first opinions of it 24hrs on the wrist

Hehehe... I spoke too soon! 馃槣

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While You Were Sleeping...

I was... Counting... Down... Until it struck... And then... It took just... A few seconds later... Until... 馃槈
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Let's Paint Our Fridays Green!

Calling all #greendial watch Crunchers! #greendialday #verdeviernes #greenfridays begins tomorrow! Post a photo of your time piece on WRUW with the ab...
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Green Dial Day

Calling all Crunchers with a green-dialed time piece! @rodeenski and I got to thinking: Why don't we designate a specific day in the week or month, or...
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In Honor of Our 124th Independence Day

Independence. Not just a big word, concept, or idea. It is a reality and truth anchored on our inherent nature, and inalienable right, to be free. On...
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La Leyenda Blancas

35th La Liga title, the most of any Spanish club. Historic and record 14th UEFA Champions League title, twice as many trophies as any other European c...
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Will it be Otros Noche Magica y la Historia para Reyes delos Europa?

8 hours from now, it will be kick off for the UEFA Champions League Finals. Will it be another magical and historical night for the Kings of Europe? W...
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What Makes a Watch Valuable?

My own humble take on this question is simple. The value of any time piece is always given by the owner. It may be retailing at $1M, or at $10. Price...
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