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Who needs anything more?

Two years ago, I picked up this Pro Diver 1953 (34333 Batman version) as my first automatic to try one out on the cheap ($88). I鈥檇 heard about the 892...

"Fixing" the MT-G M900DA-8

I recently picked up a G-Shock MT-G M900DA-8 (solar, multiband 6, metal bracelet) at Walmart to replace the atomic/solar GW-M5610U that my daughter to...

Macy's Flash sale today

PSA - Macy's has a flash sale today on watches that includes a few Seikos at 50% off

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commented on A digital watch should have a stopwatch that goes for more than an hour!

Also, I just noticed with the one-hour stopwatch on my Casio W-87H that the time automatically rolls over at 1 hour... so it you keep track of hours, you can get the minutes from the watch 馃憤 (which is better than a mecha-quartz chrono that just stops at 1 hour).

commented on A digital watch should have a stopwatch that goes for more than an hour!

Most of the sports or runner digital watches will do 24 hrs. For Casios, all their G-Shocks with digital stopwatches will do 24 hrs, and for regular Casio digitals, all the ones with 100m WR or more have 24 hr stopwatch functionality - only some of the 50m ones do (usually the 4-button ones with a three-letter day-of-the-week display or additional features like countdown timers, 5 alarms, or dual/world-time). It is really only the very basic 3-button Casios with F91W-style modules (i.e., time, 1 alarm, and stopwatch modes) that have 1-hr stopwatches.

commented on Casio W-87H Illuminator Review

I picked a W-87H up recently and like the simplicity of the watch. Also, very light and comfortable.

The only drawback for me so far is using it for grilling in the dark - without a countdown timer, I use the stopwatch for timing. However, if you check the light, it engages the split mode and you have to wait for the light to go out before you can resume the timing... one downside to using the light button for other purposes. The smaller W-93H and W-94H solve this issue in multiple ways - they have countdown timers, separate buttons, and the auto-light feature - but I'm not sure about their smaller size.

commented on #Showandtell Mechanical Hand Winding Love

MK 1 for me

commented on What's your favorite Sub-$50 Casio?

I like my Duro ($34) in that it got me back into watches...


...but I recently picked up a W-87H-1V ($18). My adult children where born in 1996 and 1999, respectively, and this watch was introduced in 1996 and the minor variation colorway I have came out in 1999, so it is sort-of a birth-year watch for either of my children? I've been wearing it for the past week and I like how much lighter it is than the Duro (as a beater), and with functionality similar to an F-91W, it really is all anyone needs.


I think that 40-41mm is my sweet spot, but the 44mm Duro wears like a 41-42mm and the 45mm W-87 wears like a 40mm 馃憤.

commented on Vacation Watch

No鈥 but I don鈥檛 have any expensive watches 馃槀

commented on Lorier gained time

Over a month, that is good鈥 although my watch with an NH35 is only 3 seconds off since the time change in the US four weeks ago (which is basically miraculous)馃憤馃憤

I have another watch that runs +22spd that is 3 minutes fast over ~8 days鈥 when I wear it, I set it a minute slow and it鈥檚 a minute fast before the week is out 馃え.

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