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TimexBadger ·

Calling all Budget watch collectors.

As a Timex only collector, I really enjoyed this. The line that really got me was "It's as pure as pure as watch ownership gets these days". Hope you...
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TimexBadger ·

The watch that got you into the hobby

I was just thinking of the watch that got me into the hobby and the one I find myself wearing the most. As boring and Average Joe as it sounds, I thin...
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TimexBadger ·

The collection to end all collections

I'm sure many here saw this already, if not, it's the ultimate high-end watch collection. I don't know what it is about seeing a watch collection whet...
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TimexBadger commented on What vintage brands should I check out? ·

I just bought an Enicar that I'm very happy and they seem to be a good place vintage collectors start because they are affordable.  I love mine and the brief history I read about the company was pretty cool.  They were a husband and wife team who's last name was Racine; they wanted to use that name, but another relative had already copyrighted it for another watch company.  They decided to use Enicar which is Racine backwards.  Also, vintage Timex are really cool and I have three of them that work like brand new and are extremely affordable.  I bought my birth year (1964) Timex from Chrono24 and they had it fully serviced and works and looks great.

TimexBadger commented on Which Watch Will You Take to the Grave? ·

Yes, that is tempting.  Now you have me thinking, I'll look for a Kiss Urn.  I'm team cremation.  lol.  I can also get an Urn that plays Hotter than Hell.

TimexBadger commented on Watch nicknames ·


TimexBadger commented on Which Watch Will You Take to the Grave? ·

lol.  I'll let the people decide, but I wouldn't mind something like The Nice Guy with a tag line saying, "Just be Nice".  lol.  

TimexBadger commented on Which Watch Will You Take to the Grave? ·

Yes, that would be great!  I totally relate.  I lost my 14 year old shih tzu Bo a few years ago and I have his ashes on my nightstand that I pat every night before bed.  I also went to the tattoo parlor and got a nice size portrait of him on my arm, so I get to see his face every day.  I found that helped and still does.  

TimexBadger commented on Funny watch stories from my everyday life that are most certainly not factual ·

Always Loved this one and love J.L. Collins.  Glad to say I'm a Boglehead like J.L.  Yes, definitely not trying to set the world on fire, just live a nice comfortable retirement.  Definitely embrace my circle of competence no matter how simple.  

TimexBadger commented on Which Watch Will You Take to the Grave? ·

Not getting buried, I already donated my body to Timex.  I believe there are plans to make a watch out of me.  I just asked them to make it a limited edition that you can't buy in Walmart.


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TimexBadger ·

One day, I'll do SOTC

Hi All, One day, I will do a video, until then, here are some of the watches and my little side collection of vintage dials. I also have my Man Cave d...
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TimexBadger ·

Need to share

Hi fellow Crunchers, I need to give a shout out to a kind act that was bestowed on me through this site. A fellow cruncher @TonyXXX saw this Timex fan...
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TimexBadger ·

I think all of us deep in the hobby can relate

This guy embodies what it means to be a passionate watch collector, no matter what brand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnb2yZW7FXo&t=8s
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TimexBadger ·

Special occasion watches

I bought the Timex Falcon Eye for my cousins wedding months ago and I wore it a couple of times in the house, but never outside. I wanted to wear this...
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TimexBadger ·

Are all watch collectors really going that deep

Maybe I don't understand the whole WR thing when it comes to watch collectors. I go in my pool with my watches all the time, even the one's with the l...
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TimexBadger ·

Face behind the Name

Hi all, Not here that long, but I'm impressed that there are so many nice and helpful people on this site, that really seem to enjoy connecting with o...
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TimexBadger ·

Let's go back to a simpler time and some comedy relief for a Tuesday

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99_k618xX4w And now for the Marlin. One of the reasons why I love this brand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzmEOcQj_...
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