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Grail or Exit Watch

Hey Folks, Don't roll your eyes, I know this topic has probably been done a million times, but I can't sleep and it's 4:38am in Staten Island, New Yor...

Friday Night Eye Candy

While they will never be considered high Horology, the iconic Q, not too long ago broke the internet and has time travel properties. It brings me back...

Planet Omega coming to New York

Forgive me if this is old news, but this looks pretty cool and I will make it on the 17 if I can. Check out the link below https://www.omegawatches.co...

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TimexBadger commented on WatchCrunch Seattle Watch Meet Video

Great video and what a nice group of people. Watch people are the best people.

TimexBadger commented on Grail or Exit Watch

Yes, oddly enough I was never a fan of the minimalist look of the Movado, but this one I really love.

TimexBadger commented on Grail or Exit Watch

Yes, they are known for that, but truthfully I haven't seen that with the S1 yet and it's been out for a while. Time will tell.

TimexBadger commented on TimexBadger's WRUW

Hey John it's a small thin book from Japan and the only words in English are the names of the Watches and the Cover says Timex Perfect Book. I'm assuming Perfect Book means something in Japan.

TimexBadger commented on Grail or Exit Watch

Thank you all for the well wishes on my retirement, I must say this is a very surreal moment as I was not expecting to do this for a couple of years, but here I am and I decided it's time.

TimexBadger commented on Grail or Exit Watch

In my case, it's a little, I mean I do own a museum. Even if I don't wear the others, I need to have them for my imaginary visitors. 馃榾

TimexBadger commented on Grail or Exit Watch

One of my favorite movies

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Another weird thing I started doing

Hey everyone, Hope you are having a great Friday. I just started another phase of my collection, that is kind of strange, but I have a feeling I'm not...

Galli S2 Timex first $1,000 watch

This was inspired by another comment, but it looks like Timex is trying to move from very low priced, to the next tier. However, is the quality going...

I just edited my Will

I just edited my Will and my wife is in agreement with it. I will be getting cremated and have the ashes be molded into a watch case 39mm for my wife...

One thousand dollar Timex

Hey folks, Would like some opinions on this. I decided to slow down or stop completely bringing in new watches. I decided to be a mostly Timex collect...

Help me understand

Hi all, hope everyone is having a day full of lust for their grail or any other watch you desire. Just curious and too lazy to do the research, but ho...


Here's a little SOFTC eye candy